A General overview of bathtubs


As we all are aware that bathtubs are a great source of rejuvenation, they bring satisfaction to the soul and body. Do you know that the physics of displacement was discovered by Archimedes when he was soaking in his tub? So, you can also explore a fascinating idea during a refreshing bath in your tub.


This lavishing embellishment is famous from old times.

Bathtubs symbolize lavished and grand lifestyle from time immemorial. Americans were the first to take a bath in the tub. It was made of simple wooden logs and lined with metal. People used to pour water by hand at that time. Thompson, a native resident, used this first bathing equipment in around 1842. These tubs traveled to England in 1828. In the middle of the 19th century, a few permanent tubs were installed in the bedrooms. The ritual of taking a bath, soaking, or washing has different importance from the time of early primitive periods. They served the sole purpose of religious, social, and for the sake of fun across the globe.

Add natural and luxurious bathroom fittings to de-stress yourself.

Bathtubs are among the few primary resources, which provide relaxation to the body. They are useful in soothing stress and relieving the discomfort of the mind and body. It is a perfect place that brings a new life to unwind the day-to-day worries. When you spend quality time in the steam rooms, sauna cabins, shower enclosures, or in spa tubs it provides relaxation to body pain & aches, controls diabetes, arthritis and restricts heart-related disease. It induces better sleep habits and enhances your overall health

Whether your bathroom is an ordinary simple room or a modish space with plenty of facilities, you are free to add a range of unusual bathroom fittings to it. Its style could be country, classic or contemporary. But a beautiful addition to your bathing space converts it to an excellent place. Oyster bath brings an enormous catalog of equipment to renovate and furnish its design as per your dreams.

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