Buy luxurious bathtub that spells style and money


Bathtubs have long been a mark of luxury and are best known to enhance your bathing experience. Right from its humble origin to becoming one of the most wanted luxuries in the homes, Bathtubs have come a long way with respect to their design, patterns, elegance, and more.

In fact, who would deny the fact that with the changing time's bathtubs too have come out to be the trendsetters in homes and with this also comes the perk of choosing out best bathtub designs that are offered by Oyster Bath?

At Oyster bath, you get an exclusive range of Bathtub designs. With a wide range of these water bodies to give you an ultimate experience of rejuvenation and bliss, bathtubs also come with numerous health benefits.

Embrace yourself with a feeling of positive energy as buying the elegant designs of bathtubs from Oyster Bath will also give you your share of healthy investment!

Each different from the other to choose from, Oyster bath has an array of options when it comes to buying a bathtub. Let’s take a look at some of the best bathtubs by Oyster Bath to give your bathroom all the luxury it deserves.

1. Vanito Bathtub:

The range of plain bathtubs starts with the very beautiful Vanito Bathtub. Its minimal design language flows gracefully along the smooth contours, thereby creating a splash that is refreshing.

2. Barwon:

Enjoy the blissful ways of relaxation with Barwon. The feather touch digital panels and ergonomically designed contours enhance the rejuvenation to a whole new level.

3. Bonito bathtub:

This is simply the masterpiece of Oyster bath as it fills up your private space with all the luxury. With features like feather touch digital control panel, Bath filler set, music/FM radio, water level sensor, disinfection-ozonizer, automatic pop-up waste, earth leakage circuit breaker, etc this Bathtub comes out to be your one-stop solution to give you all the comfort in your home itself.

4. Vista:

This unit is exclusively meant for those who don’t just want to bathe but also experience bliss while bathing! Vista Bathtub is a burst of grandeur with features like bath filler set, feather touch digital control panel, headrest, shampoo rack and towel rod, corner acrylic bath with the metallic galvanized frame, 1.5hp whirlpool motor for water massage, etc.

5. Kingdom:

Just like its name, this unit will literally give you all the royal feel with a wonderful bathing experience! The ergonomically shaped unit, combined with advanced water jets, helps to ease out on stress and relaxes your body naturally.

So, if you are the one who is looking forward to making the best use of available space in your bathroom by purchasing a bathtub, you have plenty of options from Oyster Bath.

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