Detoxing with Steam and Sauna From Oyster Bath!


You’ve probably seen those mysterious-looking rooms hidden in the back corner of your gym locker room or the hotel spa—but have you ever really wondered about the benefits of a sauna or steam room? Have you ever actually ventured in, or are you missing out on one of the most relaxing methods of detox? Sure, the idea of sweating voluntarily without the perks of a good tan or a good workout seems kind of silly. But Oysters' steam bath for home offers a ton of health perks and certainly shouldn't be overlooked!

When you choose to do a cleanse or detox, your goal primarily is to rid the body of as many toxins as possible. Pathogens, parasites, heavy metals, chemicals, are all targeted for elimination. So what other actions can you take to help the process? In accordance with what the epitome of an exercise physiologist Tom Holland says, both a sauna and steam room “eliminate toxins through sweat, ease joint pain, improve circulation and strengthen the immune system.” So what makes them different? He explains that “ A sauna is a dry heat while the steam room gives off wet, humid heat.” So basically you’re subjecting yourself to extreme temperatures, causing your body to sweat buckets while you sit in a puddle of your own perspiration.

Sauna and steam baths, both use heat therapeutically - they produce the same effect - a good healthy sweat. Steam rooms are kept at around 100 to 114 degrees Fahrenheit while saunas are much hotter - up to 100 °C (212 °F, the boiling point of water). When you enter a steam sauna bath you are enveloped in a cloudy blanket of vapor and you can sit or lounge so that your body makes suitable use of this steam. Insulin resistance affects a significant portion of the population and can lead to unwanted fat gain, eventual development of diabetes, which is related to future cognitive problems. Will heat therapy get you leaner than diet and exercise? Of course not, but it can help speed the results of a good nutrition and exercise program.

Your body will adapt to the heat over time, making longer durations more tolerable. You may need to start with just five minutes and add a minute each week until you’re able to tolerate 2-3 entrances of 15, separated by cool-down periods. The logic behind this is simple for detoxification because people sweat more, due to the lower humidity and higher temperature. Hence there is ample evidence to support that "heat baths," a catch-all term for both saunas and steam rooms, detoxify the body. Many steam rooms are becoming obsolete so finding one might be challenging. Here exactly where "oyster bath" comes to your rescue, where unwinding yourself away from the humdrum becomes a cakewalk! Within no time you will be feeling more relaxed, detoxed and you shall be therefore ready to reap the unfathomable benefits of an oh-so relaxing steam sauna bath!


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