Guide For Choosing Bathtubs For The Perfect Bathing Experience!!


Bathing as never starts with your private holder of warm or cold, surrounding water. You know exactly how to control the tap and create the perfect water temperature and dip into it. This is a refreshing experience and is something everybody craves for. People have their own preferences where some like hot water bath while others love the experience of a cold water bath. As Bathtubs come in various designs, colors and styles, you are sure to find the right one that suits your home's exclusivity and aesthetics with Oyster Bath.

Oyster Bath is one of the premium bathtubs manufacturers in India providing us with the ultimate source of relaxation. They offer an exquisite range of bathtubs such as the beautifully designed Vanito, the motivational artistry of Benella, the gorgeous Rosabella, the enchanting Mesi, the radiant Caspian, the entrancing Verve and many more delightful designs. Your bathtub installation depends on several factors such as the cost, the size, built, soaking or therapeutic, shape, texture etc. However, the entire process is extremely peaceful and lovely.

Bathtubs are basically divided into four main categories and can help you decide the perfect for the refreshing bathing experience-

Soaking – If submerging down in hot water up to your chin is the thing for you, then a soaking bathtub might just be the perfect thing . It is one of the most luxurious things enabling you to immerse your entire body in the bathtub. There is something attractive about soaking bathtubs and an unobstructed view just adds to this mesmerizing experience.

Freestanding – For an exciting look in your master bedroom, you should definitely opt for a freestanding tub. It is installed into the floor instead of a wall and are available in spectacular rectangular and oval designs for the perfect bathing experience.

Whirlpool – Whirlpool bathtubs are a little more complex offering a therapeutic bath by shooting water through jets installed on the sides of the tub giving you the sensation of the massage. This experience is something one longs for.

Premium Spa Bathtubs – Settling in for a spa is one of the most refreshing things. It is one of the best ways for therapeutic feeling and maintaining your health. They help you cure tired muscles and simply let your senses feel the aura of rejuvenation.

Bathtubs have reached a point where some of them use different technologies and other additions to further enhance your bathing experience. However, it’s never been easier to find that perfect bathtub and there is no time like today to transform your bathroom into the one you will love for the years to come. But before making a final selection, you should know everything about bathtubs mentioned above to make a wise buy and for that ideal bathing experience.

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