Hot Water Bath Or Cold Water Bath?


To choose a hot water bath is a normal pursuit; people feel relaxed and comfortable in hot steaming whirlpool bathtubs. But, do you know the wonders of a cold water bath? A cold water bath is like an awful thing but, if you are a James Bond fan, then YES. You are going to love the cold showers from now onwards. Remember the pages where he is taking the insane cold showers? Yes, he turns the temperature of his shower from hot to the icy cold at the end. This is coined as "James Bond Shower" or often referred to the most famous "Scottish Shower".

Here, we're presenting you a few incredible privileges of the cold water bath:

1. Increases attentiveness: Taking a cold water bath in the morning is more terrific than comforting. When you dip into the icy running water, there is deep breathing in response to your body's shock. This in return keeps you warm and boosts your overall oxygen intake. The increased heart rate releases a rush of blood through the complete body. This single episode acts as a natural phenomenon of energy to keep you active and attentive for the entire day.

2. Refines hair and skin: An invigorating cold water bath in your whirlpool bathtub maintains your overall appearance. It tightens the cuticles and pores which block them from clogging. It can seal the pores of the skin and scalp too, which prevents the dirt and pollution entering the skin. It makes hair shinier, healthier and stronger by smoothening the hair follicles. Hot water might harm your skin, it makes the skin dry and damages your hair so it’s best to indulge in a cold water bath.

3. Improves immunity and blood circulation: A healthy flow of blood is important for your heart. Soaking in whirlpool bathtub and enjoying cold hydrotherapy improves the flow and movement of blood. It lowers the blood pressure, clears the blocked arteries and improves the immune system. The increased metabolic rate results in warming up the body, which further activates the immune system and releases more WBCs.

4. Reduces stress and mitigate depression: When you jump into the whirlpool bathtub filled with chilling water, it gradually increases the tolerance to deal with stress. The high collision of cold receptors in the skin relieves various symptoms of depression. It transmits an overwhelming volume of electrical impulses from the peripheral nerve endings to the brain.

5. Speeds up muscle soreness: Sportsperson, athletes prefer taking ice baths after training sessions to provide relief to the inflamed muscles.

After going through the exotic benefits of bathing with cold water, you have enough reasons to love the freezing and icy showers more than the hot ones but what's better than experiencing on yourself?

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