How To Choose A Perfect Rain Shower Head?


The right rainfall showerhead can give you an excellent shower experience. If you have ever experienced a rain shower before, you would know how great it is. Now, you can bring that gentle relaxing shower experience at home with rain showers. However, it is important to choose your rain showerhead carefully if you want to get the best results. Here are the 5 most important points to consider:

Your Bathroom Design

Just getting rain showers installed is not enough to get the perfect bathing experience. You need to have that vibe that will give you an enhanced experience. If you want you may consider remodeling your bathroom fittings, or you may just add some bathroom equipment to achieve that perfect bath.

Wall or Ceiling Mount

Nowadays, wall-mounted rain showers are becoming increasingly popular. You can just replace your old showerhead with the new rain showerhead. The ceiling mounts are a huge task, however, if you are ready to invest into it, it’s a good option. Both the wall and ceiling mount look very much different from each other, you will have to choose carefully.

The Shape of your Rain Showerhead

Rainfall showerheads generally come in a square or a round shape. The choice depends on what your bathroom looks like and what you will prefer. You may go for the square heads if you have contemporary style bathroom or if there are many angular elements present in your bathroom.

The Size

You may choose the size of the rain shower depending on the size of your bathroom and the bath area. The rain showerheads come in various sizes and the larger the showerhead the larger the area of rain for your bathroom shower.

The Finish

Once you have decided the type, size, and shape of the showerhead, you may then choose the finishing. The finishing of these showerheads may be from metal brushed, polished, oiled etc. You can choose the finish depending on the rest of the bathroom.

Get ready to experience the best rain showers at home.

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