Innovative bath designs by Oyster bath to beautify your bathroom


Creating a bathroom of dreams has no doubt caught the fancy of homeowners who are ready to think beyond just the house interiors. No matter if it is just a small upgrade or a complete change, bathroom renovation makes much of a difference in giving a fresh look and new feel to your house. It is also no wonder that apart from living spaces in the house the bathroom space has also taken up top priority when it comes to redoing the interiors.

But then, there are times when you might stick up with questions like which look would suit your bathroom? What designs or products would best utilize your available bathroom space? Will you get the best buy for your bathroom and most important will you get value for your money?

Fret not! The answer to all your questions is Oyster Bath, one of the leading brands in bathroom innovations. Go in for creating the bathroom of your dreams with the smart and innovative bath designs by Oyster bath.

These bath designs will not just beautify your bathroom but at the same time, it will also elevate your bathing experience with numerous health benefits. The brand continues to evolve a new and varied collection of wellness and bathroom fittings that appeal to the sensibilities of today’s designer age. Here we give you a sneak peek into the segments of bath designs that we are dealing with. These are meant to suit your choice and needs too:

1. Steam Shower cabins

Apart from providing an exceptional bathing experience, steam shower cabins by Oyster Bath are a holistic tool of rejuvenation. With inspiring designs, innovative features the wide range of Steam Shower cabins by Oyster Bath add vitality to your house.

2. Steam Column

No doubt, steam has been a source of rejuvenation for ages and in this modern era, it is being channelized via hi-tech technologies like steam columns. Enhancing the decor of your bathroom, steam columns add to the luxury living. These extremely versatile steam columns by Oyster Bath can be conveniently fitted into existing shower cabins.

3. Shower column

Every single feature of shower columns designed by Oyster Bath is loaded with creations and features that will simply give you a happy bathing experience. Get yourself these shower columns to start and unwind your day on a positive note.

4. Shower Enclosures

A cocoon of tranquility, shower enclosures helps to unwind your hectic day in a peaceful manner. The stylish range comes in an array of designs and styles to elevate the look of your bathroom.

5. Spa’s

While many go to Spa to relax, these are also extremely popular for the ability to give relief in insomnia, allergies or back pain. Also with the changing time, Spas have also made a shift from gyms/ hotels to our respective homes. Oyster Bath allows you to feel this luxury at your home with its ergonomically designed units.

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