Know more about chromotherapy: Wellness through colours


The ancient civilisations of Egypt and Greece believed that diseases occur due to the imbalance in life and this absence can be managed through colours. The treatment with colours was popular in ancient Egypt and Greece. Knowing about the medicines was a secret science and the essential knowledge of chromotherapy was considered most sacred. In Greece, people used colours extracted from stones, crystals, minerals etc for the treatment.


Colours can be absorbed by the body and mind in different ways. We can use colours while eating, via a coloured bath, meditation and others. Colours affect our lives and help in controlling various diseases and their symptoms, they control blood pressure, dilate or contract blood vessels, destroy bacteria, increase the transportation of oxygen in the blood and in numerous ways these colours help us.

Here, we are highlighting some essential facts about chromotherapy through bathtubs. The colours in the bath are simply a form of visible light of electromagnetic energy. The natural sunlight is also a wonderful healer. The same is with the colours of the rainbow, they have their own healing properties with positive and negative vibes. The relaxing method of taking a colourful bath brings positivity, rejuvenation and repose to life. Each colour used in the therapy has its own frequency and vibration. Most of the bathtubs or Steam shower cabins are offering underwater or roof-mounted lights with LED technology to create a constant colour wash or flowing colour sequences.

Each colour used in chromotherapy affects body parts in a different way, as white colour clarifies the senses, yellow stimulates the brain, green brings freshness. The amazing colours such as white, yellow, green, orange, magenta, blue, indigo etc bring harmony, reduce stress, boost creative skills and help in dealing with anxiety. At Oyster Bath, most of the bathtubs are enclosed with the wonderful features of chromotherapy.

The trending culture of colourful baths is improving lifestyles with a new spectacle. These innovative modern techniques and designs have changed the simple bathrooms with the latest fittings and stylish accessories. You just have to darken the room and enjoy the mesmerising flow of colours in the steam shower cabins. It acts as a balancing tool that maintains the equilibrium of the body and mind when stressed from daily routine, anxiety etc are affecting life. So, are you ready to bring the wow factor to your bathrooms?

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