Overhead Showers For An Ultimate Bathing Experience!


What is more relaxing and refreshing than a cool shower after an exhausting day. They are an incomparable source of refreshment and relaxation. Thanks to the huge variety of overhead showers in the market today, you can now witness the perfect showering experience.

Oyster bath, a leading overhead shower seller provides a wide range of overhead showers with innovative functions, style and finishes. They are both affordable and attractive and are made of stainless steel. All the products are designed according to the latest trends and equipped with the latest technologies. Some of the key characteristics of Oyster Bath's overhead showers are -

- Easy to clean faucets
- Quick Installation
- Assured Quality
- Powerful showerhead performance
- Multiple options with different spray settings
- Thick nozzles to enjoy a rain like experience
- Provides a luxurious look to your bathroom
The most famous and loved overhead showers from Oyster Bath's collection are Imber, Troy Series and Fay Series.

All the designs are naturally designed to ensure that you have a supreme bathing experience. However, it is important to choose your shower head wisely. Keep the following considerations in your mind for the same -

- Choosing the shape – Ceiling or Wall Mounted?
- Choosing the size
- Bathroom design to ensure that a showerhead will suit the style
- Choosing the finish
Overhead showers come in different sizes. Larger sizes deliver a larger area of water for your shower leading to gentle pouring where as the one with a smaller size enables a more concentrated pouring facility. A smaller size showerheads with fewer nozzles has more pressure while a larger one has a little less pressure.

Oyster Bath's overhead showers promise to turn your regular bath into a lightening and mesmerizing experience. It will not only arouse your senses but also give you a soothing shower experience like never before.

So enjoy a beautiful and relaxing bathroom shower with the right rainfall overhead shower in your bathroom to provide a thrilling all round sensation !!!

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