Smart Tips to Clean and Maintain Bathtub


After a stressful day, you really need some time to repose and spend a good time in your rejuvenating bathtub. It provides relaxation and tranquilize your tired muscles to loosen up. But when you enter the bathroom and recognize you're miserable and ignored tub that situation is depressing for you. Because the remaining residues of dirt, soap, and debris that is not drenched properly may cause a formation of hard substance on the upper layer. Here are a few interesting tricks that will give you content solutions.


At first, determine the material of your tub and what types of cleaners are approved for use on it from the bathtub dealers at the time of purchasing.


Those awkward and mulish stains of mildew, foam of soap, and smut look filthy. So clean the surface of your tub with a dry towel after each use. It limits the formation of the residue. Rinse the tub with clean warm water and wipe off that extra moisture with a soft sponge or cloth.


If you don't want to clean the tub by yourself then take assistance from professional companies, they will clean it for you. Don't forget that your beautiful tub also needs regular maintenance.


For deeper cleaning fill a spray bottle with half solution of vinegar and half bottle with warm water and spray it over the surface for 15 minutes. Rinse it with clean water and wipe it again with a soft cloth. If there are tough stains, then sprinkle the tub with baking soda and spray the vinegar and warm water solution over it for 15 minutes, just mop it. Keep in mind that you should not mix two cleaning products, avoid using harsh brushes for cleaning the surface it will give scratches to your sophisticated tub.


You can also use tub cleaners instead of detergent and bleach. You can easily get these tub cleaners from bathtub manufacturers and Bathroom faucets online stores.


It needs regular inspection and repairs to keep the bathtub look exquisite in appearance. Proper sanitation and maintenance retain the surrounding area hygienic and free from bacteria. While cleaning the tub of your own keep these simple things in mind.


Ventilate the bathroom at the time of cleaning. Bleach and other chemical fumes can be dangerous for breathing.


Check the bathtub manufacturer for the instructions and cleaner labels to make sure that the cleaners you are using are safe for the tub or not?


Do not start the jets unless they are covered by at least a few inches of water. If the water is not filled with the marks of the jets it will cause damage to the motor.


Do not use foaming cleaners. It increases your workload in the end. Because the foam will leave you excited and overwhelmed but give you more tasks in the cleaning of all that foams and bubble around the walls and tiles.


Do you know that the bath oils and lotions that you are using in the hot tub leave residue in the pipes and cause blockage? So from now avoid using them too much for the healthy and prolonged life of your beautiful bathtub.

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