Steam Shower Enclosure – Redefine Your Bathing Experience


In ancient times, bathing was considered a ritual. Greeks and Romans were the ones who understood the importance of bathing and the necessity of cleanness to our health. They believed that bathing, taking care of our-self is a tribute that we are praying to god. They use to focus on self cleanliness, they use to have a mineral bath, hot water bath, infusing bath, bath in scented water, etc. Steam bath for home and almost all the spa treatments that we know today were actually originated by the Romans & the Greeks.


Why steam shower? The steam shower provides you with a lot of health benefits. Steam has been used as a treatment since ancient times. Ailments like chest pain, cold & cough, joint pain can be cured using a steam bath. It is not only helpful in curing physical ailments but also relieves stress and tension, providing you with a relaxing bathing experience. It helps in flourishing your skin, giving you a glowing effect, improving your blood circulation, and also to some extent helps in reducing weight.


Realizing the health benefit and necessity of bathing, we have tried to incorporate all those techniques to provide you with an enhanced and refreshing bathing experience. Oyster bath offers you steam shower enclosure inbuilt with all necessary equipment required for your refreshment. The steam room accessories here are designed to let you experience the comfort of a sauna & steam room in the cozy confines of your home.

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