The Evolution of SPA


Nowadays most people are going to SPA centers or installing SPA in their homes. SPA not only just rejuvenates your body and mind, but it also provides you with many health benefits as well and it is even recommended by doctors.

The SPA is an acronym for Latin “Salus per aquam”, which means “health from water”. The culture of SPAs goes back to the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. They used the SPA for relaxation and therapy. The SPA therapies have existed for a long time, they date back to around 2000 BC. These SPA therapies were done for hygienic and therapeutic healings. Today, with all these new technologies and innovations, the system of the SPA has evolved a lot.

Today these holistic SPAs have evolved and have been happily accepted by the people. There are many different types of SPAs available and water therapy-based SPAs are one of the most popular ones. The water-based SPA therapy provides a total physical and psychological benefit. Most of the modern-day products like hydro pools, thermal mineral pools, hydraulic SPA tubs, etc have innovatively infused the benefits of SPAs and modern-day technology. These modern-day SPA tubs have various nozzles and configurations which enable you to control the system depending upon your need.

There are many health benefits of SPAs. The blood flow increases resulting in better blood circulation. A better blood circulation reduces pain and helps in lymphatic drainage. Warming up the blood also causes your blood vessels to dilate, subsequently reducing the blood pressure. The hot water also causes muscle relaxation, reduces mental stress, and increases alertness. SPA therapies detoxify the body and increase immunity. By promoting sweating through the skin, the body detoxifies itself, and immunity is increased. The SPA therapies also enhance beauty by removing dead skin cells and stimulating the growth of new skin cells.

With all these new innovations and products, the SPA treatments have evolved to a great extent making it easy for the common man to enjoy its benefits.

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