The Secret to Having a Luxurious Bathroom


The secret of having a luxurious bathroom is simply adding pieces of luxury utility items that befit your lifestyle. But whatever items you add, ensure that they contribute to your wellness. Health is the biggest wealth we enjoy and our hectic lifestyle makes holistic well-being all the more necessary. Wellness means living better. It implies focusing on your mental health as well as your physical.

Include the following in your bathroom :

Statement piece:

To make your bathroom space or outer deck area both indulgent and exciting, add refreshing spa bathtubs. Anxiety and depression take a toll on our health for the most part of our days. Wellness is a choice we can make by indulging in healthy habits, like getting body care therapies. Hydrotherapy, for instance, works wonders for one’s body muscles. Hydrotherapy with warm waters eases muscle pain, reduces stress, replenishes skin, improves blood circulation, and slows down the aging process. The wellness bathtub range of Oyster provides this amazing therapy. Alongside, the range also provides effective pro-health technology including aromatherapy, chromotherapy, air bubble massage, and steam therapy. Also, each of the tubs takes pride in avant-garde style. When you have so stylish-looking bathtubs that transform the complete look of your bathroom, and also take care of your wellbeing, do not hesitate before investing in them. A freestanding bath positioned in front of a decorated wall will do it all.

Embrace color:

For a truly timeless feel, opt for contrasting fixtures and fittings in your bathroom. For instance, if your bathroom contains lots of white marble work, you may opt for golden or cherry-colored fittings and fixtures. The bathtub can also be in a contrasting color scheme. Oyster bath offers a complete wellness range that comes in a wide variety of colors, shapes,s, and sizes. So you can easily take your pick from there. Chrome ensures the addition of understated hues that make your bathroom space look luxurious and appealing.


Go for minimalism in your bathroom. This would have double benefits. Firstly, your bathroom will have more wall and floor space, which you can use for decorating with curtains and mirrors, and picture frames. Secondly, it will manifest your choice as simple elegance. Having a spa bathtub by Oyster with 7 seats can be the center masterpiece of your bathroom that simply declares extravagant opulence. Simple silhouettes and carefully selected items from Oyster give evidence of your sophisticated taste.


Lighting plays an important role in making your bathroom look luxurious. It's best to consult an interior designer for choosing perfect lighting schemes if your bathroom contains high ceilings and large windows.

Zone up in your bathroom. For practical and luxurious indulgence, divide your bathroom into a clear dry, and wet zone. You may separate the area with expensive ground glass, wooden partition, or other elements like bathroom faucets. However, keep the showering area relatively simple though you can go for variations in tiling. Last but not the least, remodel your bathroom once in a while. It is always fun to be experimental with bathroom space.

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