Upgrade your bathroom with functional & cost-effective tips


Luxurious bathrooms are becoming a big deal. Everyone loves to follow in the footsteps that are in trend and create their personal luxury spaces. We dream of the lavished bathroom designs but at times it is hard to get them in reality. So, be wise and go for cost-effective upgrades, start with small touch-ups that you can also perform. It reduces the stress and extra effort. Check these amiable and economic tips for bathroom amendments.

Start with Touch Up

Do you remember when you last painted your bathroom? The paint really looks dingy, odd, peeling away, and getting discolored. So, give it a twist put different shades of paints on opposite walls. The repainting will not cost you much and the changed colour scheme will give you an exhilarating feeling. Other than walls you can also paint the vanities and other furniture. Let the walls reveal your personality with some superficial textured coatings, wallpapers, shower curtains, etc.

Install Windows & Mirrors
Make room for a window. Natural light leaves a positive impact on bathroom designs. Decorate the walls with mirrors, lightings, murals, etc. It does not only enhance the appearance but also makes it expensive.

Replace the Old Faucets
Now your favorite faucets have become rusty and aged, replace them with the most popular bathroom fittings in India. First, make a budget then go for some really gorgeous faucets in the sink, shower, and bathtubs. It revamps the presentation of your bathroom and looks sumptuous.

Give a Second Thought for a Home Spa Tub or whirlpool bathtub
If you are bored with your plain bathtub then replace it with a classy spa tub. The process is lengthy; it needs lots of effort and proper execution. But in the end, your bathroom design will get a fabulous makeover of a lifetime. It would turn the mundane accessories into an exotic designer Jacuzzi bathtub. Choose a walk-in tub or a soothing steam shower or anything that suits your lifestyle.

If you are not interested in huge changes, then make the plans and execute them when your budget permits. Meanwhile, go for small alternatives that are necessary at the moment. Systematic planning of renovation keeps over budget, and hurdles elsewhere. Ultimately it is your bathing space, so transform it into a marvelous oasis of rejuvenation. You are free to recreate it with the best bathroom fittings in India.

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