About Us

Experience a meticulous balance of magnificence and performance with Oyster’s exquisite range of Wellness and Life Inside products.


Harnessing our products with ingenuity, excellence and reliance, Oyster Lifestyle advocates a comprehensive lifestyle experience paired with unrivalled quality in innovative technology and refinement.

Free Standing Bath Tub | Petra
Whirpool Bath | Drizle


Designed to bring tranquillity into your lifestyle, Oyster configures each product in conformation with exceptional quality standards. The state-of-art design principles employed in our products solidify Oyster’s position as one of the leading names in bath Wellness and uPVC services.

Made In India:

We believe in self-reliance and offering the most tastefully crafted products to our clients. Keeping our production within the homeland is a conscious decision to promote innovation and progress among the country’s populace, and inspire indigenous refinement in everyone’s lifestyle.

Make in India | Oyster