Windows of our Villa system have traditional grill and mesh options, equipped with dual seals and multi-chambered design to prevent noise infiltration

Our energy-efficient Villa System provides an exclusive amalgamation of technique, traditionalism and protection.

Scientifically crafted uPVC Willa windows provide insulation from rain, dust and pollution.


We provide an extensive range of high quality casement systems and strives hard to match our client’s expectations, ensuring that their specifications are precisely met and they can freely choose on the basis of colours, type, accessories, and the manner of installation

Clear, obscure, opaque, bevelled and decorative glass—a huge variety of glass options are available for installation, which enhances style and security.

With our offering of 39, 44, 60 and 64 series window profiles personalise the appearance of your windows with different frame styles.

Whether it be the traditional solid whites or cream, or the new generation wood-grain effect finishes, we have many stylish colours of decor which you can choose from, to get that desired home aesthetics.


With our utmost professional services, we are known to be the best in commercial and residential uPVC window installations and repairs. By the correct installation of the frames with careful internal and external finishing, we minimise gaps to maintain the high performance of these windows and simultaneously maximise the consumer’s return on their investment.

Step in to this classy Bathtub and feel the waves gently caress your body as you escape to your imaginary world of calm & tranquility. Marena is your personal spa and combines such exclusive features like the extra slim air massage jets and 4 hydro massage jets that offers rejuvenation in style.

Size Available

- 1830x850h

Color Available

- White


-  Round Built-in, Acrylic Bath with Metallic Galvanised Frame

-  Feather Touch Digital Control Panel

-  Water Massage-4 Hydromassage Jets

-  1.5 hp Whirlpool Motor for Water Massage

-  Air Massage-20 Extra Slim Air Jets

-  0.80 hp Blower For Air Massage

-  3 KW Online Heater For Temperature Control

-  Headrest X 4

-  Underwater Light- Colored

-  Remote Control

-  Disinfection- Ozonizer

-  Music-FM Radio

-  Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

-  Dry Burning Protection

-  Bath Filler Set

-  Water Level Sensor

-  Automatic Pop up Waste

More Loud
Less Power Consuming
To Your Happiness

Awards and Honors


Interior Agency of the Year

Best Interior Design Solution

Multicultural Agency of the Year


Best Industrial Object Design

Creative Landscape Composition


Agency of the Year

Best Digital Solution

Production Company of the Year

Design Agency of the Year


Creative Landscape Composition

Best Interior Design Solution

Multicultural Agency of the Year