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Steam Room & Sauna Room 14

Steam And Sauna


ANON | 4.5 KW


IBIS 12P ST | 16 KW

SENSA 10P ST | 18 KW

MANA 7P ST | 12 KW

DIVO 8P ST | 16 KW


MOXA 16P ST | 18 KW

IDYL 14P ST | 16 KW

Kara 5P ST | 8 kw



Pamper And Relax With The Exclusive Range Of Sauna And Steam Room From Oyster Bath.

Since Ages, The Steam And Sauna Baths Provide Therapeutic Bathing Experience. Now, With The Latest Innovations, The Steam Bath Equipment Have Been Developed Gradually To Give The Maximum Relaxation And Health Benefits.earlier, These Steam Bath Equipment Were Available Only At Spas, Hotels, And Gyms But Now, You Can Easily Install Them At Your Home.

The Craze Of The Steam Room Is Increasing Day-by-day. This Is Because It Is Not Merely Made For Relaxation But It Also Provides Many Health Benefits, To Reduce Stress, The Deep Sweating Boosts The Body's Natural Process Of Detoxification. The Sauna Is A Relaxing Escape Towards The Calmness And Solitude Of Inner Self. It Rehydrates And Enhances The Skin To Leave A Glowing Impact. Baths In The Steam Room Promote Deep And Restful Sleep, Open The Pores That Lead To Skin Nourishment And Cleansing. Both Steam Sauna Baths Compliment The Mental Repose And Reduce Stress. All These Reasons Are Good Enough To Install A Perfect Steam Sauna Bath In Your Home And Enjoy The Wonderful Serene Time.

Oyster Bath Aims To Provide Physical, Mental And Theraupetic Benefits For An Enhanced Steam Sauna Bath Experience And Is The Leading Supplier Of Steam Bath Equipment In India To Offer A Wide Range Of Steam And Sauna Room. All Of Them Are Designed Magnificently To Fit Your Modern Homes With Perfect Tranquil Emotions. We Can Assist You With All Of Your Steam Or Sauna Room Design, Installation, Service, And Repair Needs. Our Steam Bath Equipment Experts Have Extensive Experience In The Plumbing, Electrical, And Carpentry Trades. We Ensure That All The Sauna Room And Steam Bath Equipments Are Of Top-notch Quality So That You Never Have To Compromise With Your Steam Sauna Bath.

Essential Features Of Steam And Sauna Room:

Reinforced Acrylic Body With Integrated Sitting Space In The Steam Rooms And White Seasoned Pine Wood With Both Side Paneling In The Sauna Room
6- 18 Kw Steam Generator With Steam Auto Drain Functions In The Steam Rooms And 6-8 Kw Sauna Heater With Lava Stone In The Sauna
Temperature Clock, Sand Timer And Wooden Pillow In The Sauna
Wooden Heater Guard & Wooden Exhaust Vent In The Sauna
Chromotherapy Lights
Aluminum Frame With 8 Mm Fixed Tempered Glass & Hinged Door