Deep Cleansing with Steam and Sauna


A bathing tradition from time immemorial, steam and saunas have evolved through advanced technology over the years. Oyster Bath employs cutting-edge heat and steam systems to provide a therapeutic and complete cleanse. The steam generated promotes sweating which opens up the pores to allow a thorough cleansing experience. It also helps your muscles relax, thus ensuring total rejuvenation. Steam and saunas are commonly found at spas, hotels, and gyms, but with an ever-increasing supply of portable systems available in the market, the demand for their very own steam and sauna fittings is constantly growing amongst homeowners. Oyster Bath is a pioneer in bathroom wellness-related fittings for the home, which were previously only available at commercial establishments. We offer a wide variety of steam cabins and saunas designed to fit into your homes perfectly.

With a range of steam cabins and generators by Oyster Bath, you can mentally prepare yourself to feel the stress and fatigue just drip away as your spirits rise like hot steam. Oyster’s steam rooms are designed to rejuvenate you with a combination of the most advanced features and functions that ensure holistic wellness and a fulfilling bathing experience.

A steam generator is an apparatus used to convert hot water into steam at high pressure using coils. Steam generators can be categorized into two types, these are low water content boilers and flash steam boilers. In Oyster Bath saunas, modular steam generators which don’t use much water are used. The steam produced can be controlled electronically and the generator is fitted with timer and temperature controls.


- Improves respiration by reducing resistance in airways
- Prevents allergies, asthma, and sinusitis
- Opens up pores while deeply cleansing and nourishing the skin
- Rehydrates the skin and enhances its glow
- Increases metabolism and boosts immunity
- Removes toxins from the body through sweat
- Relaxes muscles through the improved blood supply
- Improves heart functioning and lowers blood pressure
- Helps relax and reduces stress
- Promotes deep and restful sleep
Oyster Bath’s sauna systems employ the most sophisticated sauna systems to meet your wellness needs with utmost efficiency. All of the features and functions work together seamlessly in order to rejuvenate your body and elevate your spirits so you may emerge recharged after using your very own sauna.

Oyster Bath offers to you, Thermios, an advanced heating system at the heart of a sauna room. It optimizes heat generation while channelizing the heat to the center of the room, thus making it immensely effective. Thermios is equipped with an electric thermostat that accurately maintains the sauna’s temperature accurately. It sports a galvanized steel rock tray and a stainless steel body that facilitates fast heating and a digital control panel that ensures effective monitoring. The system is absolutely safe as it is fitted with heavy-duty electric elements and an over-heat limit protector.


- Helps to relieve and reduce stress
- Releases endocrines from the body to minimize arthritis pain and muscle soreness
- Sweating in the sauna enhances the body’s natural process of detoxification
- Sweating also releases bacteria, cleanses deeply, and results in younger-looking skin
- Improves cardiovascular health
- Acts as a supplementary tool, aiding weight loss
- Significantly reduces the chance of catching a cold or flu
Oyster Bath Steam and Sauna fittings are designed to bring class and sophistication wherever they are installed, elevating the appeal and experience of the entire living space. However, with Oyster Bath being a pioneer in bathroom wellness products, you can be rest assured that it is not just the visual appeal that these products will bring, but also comes with the promise of health benefits. Give yourself a better life by bringing home an Oyster bath sauna or steam cabin.

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