Get the best ceiling shower for your bathroom from Oyster Bath


This monsoon get ready to bring some rain inside your bathroom! Wondering how? Well! With Oyster Bath, you can have an altogether a new bathing experience with its exclusive range of ceiling shower heads.

After a long day at work, who wouldn't want to rejuvenate? So, buying yourself a ceiling shower head by Oyster Bath will not just enhance your bathroom but you will also get to indulge in an extremely pleasing shower experience.

Choose from the variety of stylish products and spice up your boring day by taking a rejuvenating bath.

Benefits of using a ceiling shower head in your bathroom
- Ceiling shower heads are famous for their style and easy-to-use functions.
- These provide a trickling effect on the body with amazing health benefits.
- These give you a waterfall-like bathing experience in the comfort of your home itself.
- It brings comfort and a soothing sensation to your mind, body, and soul.
- Gives you much-needed rejuvenation.

Some exclusive ceiling shower heads by Oyster Bath include:


With its refreshingly innovative design language and thoughtfully conceived and executed features, Astute envelopes you in absolute relaxation and bliss.


1. Wall Mounted Shower Column Made of Aluminum
2. Round Overhead Shower
3. 6 Moveable Misty Jets
4. Looking Mirror
5. Shelf
6. Single Lever Mixer & Diverter
7. Rectangular Hand Shower
8. Bath Spout


Jubilee celebrates the joy of bathing with a set of intuitive features and stylish elements, each painstakingly crafted to meet your discerning needs and tastes.


1. Glass Body Aluminum Wall Mounted Shower Column
2. Square Adjustable Shower Head
3. Moveable Body Jets
4. Single Lever Mixer & Diverter
5. Hand Shower
6. Bath Spout


With Cairo, you don't just shower, instead, you are showered with blissful relaxation. The unit offers a luxurious range of features that make bathing a comfortable activity.


1. Wall Mounted Shower Column Made of 304 Stainless Steel
2. Over Head Shower
3. Three Moveable Body Jets
4. Thermostatic Diverter & Mixer
5. Matt Finished Rectangular Hand Shower
6. Bath Spout

So get ready to envelop your souls in the classic ceiling shower heads from Oyster and have a sensational bathing experience. Each drop of water will rejuvenate your body and give you the much-needed feeling of freshness.

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