Major Mistakes in Shower Installation


Showers are an appreciable way to give captivating attire to the modern bathrooms. Showers are frequently used in homes and we can find different showers in a variety of designs in the market. But before we choose suitable shower panels, there are several components to take into consideration as an inferior quality or a poorly installed shower can cause distress and annoyance.

Shower installation at home is a systematic plan of action that needs expertise and skilled professionals comprising electricians and plumbers to get a trouble-free shower installation in the least possible time.

Looking for ways to install a hi-tech and stylish shower to give an appealing look to your bathroom? Read further to do away with the problems that are likely to pop up!
We often take care of the budget, look and feel of the shower but what we commonly overlook is the installation part of a steam bath for home.

To start with, the size of the shower is a significant factor that we must keep in mind while selecting the shower. People often buy inappropriate sizes that prove troublesome. The size of the shower should be chosen in accordance with the material of the walls as well as the space available for the shower and bathroom faucets.

Oyster Bath is the only place you should go to, to resolve all your size-related issues as Oyster Bath offers you a huge and impressive array of customized shower solutions catering to all your needs.

The second component that we must pay attention to, before installing a shower is the structural issues such as dampness of the area where the shower is to be installed, lest it would impose an extra burden on your pocket afterward. The showers offered at Oyster Bath are well equipped to cope with such issues and are apt to perform well in dampness too.

When it comes to bathroom shower installation, people generally go for lucrative designs that are hard to maintain. But here at Oyster Bath, we provide you with an impressive and broad range of shower systems that are highly functional and easy to maintain.

Drain placement is also an extremely important point that one should take into account to avoid water stagnation around the shower enclosure. A linear drain shower system is suitable as it gives a uniform path to the water and minimizes the risk of water stagnation.
Being one of the profound names engaged in the manufacturing of advanced shower solutions, we offer you an expansive range of home stream showers with different kinds of drain placements for you to choose from.

Stream generator is equally important. It is something that we should not turn a blind eye to, for porous materials like granite, concrete, and marble potent stream generators are apt. On the other hand, non-porous materials like acrylic and porcelain small steam generators are better.

Placing the steam generator in the right place is immensely important. Placing it anywhere can cause trouble for sure. So we should place it at the right spot, it must be placed at a point where the plumbing connection to the stream can be called off whenever needed.

Another crucial factor that must be considered during the installation of the shower at home is hiring trained electricians and plumbers for getting the chore of installation done without any hassle. People hire professionals that are not authorized or acclaimed that can bring them to limitless issues. Better we hire licensed professionals for the shower and other bathroom fittings, who are aware of the entire procedure and can provide you with a smooth shower installation. We here at Oyster Bath have a skilled team of professionals who can make the procedure of shower installation easier for you.

Before installing a home steam shower we should pay enough heed to the material of the ceiling and walls of the shower room. The walls and ceiling should be constructed using a water-resistant material as careless waterproofing can lead to disastrous outcomes. If feasible install waterproof wallboard on the walls. It is a cement-based device that can easily be attached to the walls using screws and nails.

Most people select a shower design that is luxurious ignoring the other important aspects and then they face issues or find it difficult to operate the showers. Before choosing a shower system for home, one must have an in-depth knowledge of all the features that a shower offers to make it handy and comfy for use.

The shower solutions that we offer come with a comprehensive guide to make the task of installation less complicated and make the consumer aware of all the attributes that a shower design possesses. Different shower units come with specific screws and fasteners and at Oyster Bath, we strongly suggest the installers follow all the instructions mentioned in the manufacturer guide while installing a shower system. We ensure that all the products installed work harmoniously as one unit.

Lack of awareness and proper information can make the job of shower installation bothersome and it can also lead to boundless problems. In this article, we endeavored our best to bring to light the most common mistakes that one should keep away from, for a pleasant and strain-free home shower experience.

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