Redesign your bathroom with Oyster’s Pleasing Collection!


There are a number of things you can do to enhance the look of your room. The tips below can help you give some inspiration. Check out Oyster Bath’s pleasing collection to plan your bathroom transformation.

1. Plan what you want - The first and foremost step to redesign any project is to plan exactly what you do and don’t want. Take a look around the existing bathroom. Is there anything you want to keep such as steam shower, bathtub, etc? What is wrong with wrong with the room and how can it be enhanced? This way you will know what exactly you need in order to bring your imagination to reality.

2. Consider the size of the room - Sometimes, what you actually want is not necessarily what you can have. Consider the size of the room before you make any big plans and if you are buying new bathroom wellness products, this is extremely important. Measure all the spaces so that you can invest in the right sizes.

3. Eliminate all extra stuff - Does your bathroom have a huge number of toiletries? Are there are too many things cluttering up the space? A few accessories are fine but too many will make the style and design fade away.

4. Stick to same theme - When choosing the products, you may get carried away and choose different styles. The problem is that while they may look great on your own but when combined with others can clash badly. Try to stick to the theme.

5. Change the colour of the walls - You can also give a new coat of bathroom paint to change the look of your decor. This will significantly alter the style of the room and one the most economical tips you can use.

6. Make the space look larger - Besides incorporating steam shower, bathtub, steam sauna, lighting also plays a significant role in making your bathroom appear larger. Choose the right one to make it look better.

7. Done by experts - If you are updating the bathroom wellness products, make sure they are fitted by an expert. This will enhance the look and ensure everything works as it should.

8. Get Inspiration - If you are struggling for inspiration on theme ideas, you can steer through the various bathroom ideas. You will find loads of it with our customer bathroom images, style guides and much more. You can check out Oyster Baths collection to choose the products for your bathroom.

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