Shower Enclosures


A bathroom shower enclosure or shower cabin comes in a vast array of sizes, styles, and designs. At Oyster Bath, we ensure that the bathroom shower cabins are designed using top-quality materials, they have impressive designs, they are beautifully complimented & have guaranteed durability. Our shower enclosures have passed rigorous performance tests and meet the highest safety standards.


Indulging yourself in an amazing and relaxing shower after a tiring day is such a terrific feeling. Now, with the advancement of technology our living standard has increased to a great level giving us a better experience of everything. It has also enhanced our bathing experience. A bathroom that not only provides you with a luxurious feeling but also a soothing bathing experience is like a dream. Now worry no more, Oyster Bath brings before you a variety of shower enclosures to separate the wet area of your bathroom.

Nowadays, shower enclosures are in great demand. These shower cabins can be accommodated to fit in a corner or to form a shower cubicle.  They help you in keeping your bathroom clean, tidy, and dry. Now, you can buy an amazing shower cabin in India easily at Oyster Bath. Our bathroom shower enclosure range is engineered with precision and can be customized in order to match the size and requirement of your bathroom space. You just need to tell us about your requirement and we will assist you with the best fit option, buying, and installation to its service and maintenance.

These bathroom shower cubicles give a magnificent finishing touch; add an extra slice of luxury and grandeur to your simple bathing space. Purchasing a new bathroom shower enclosure may be a difficult task. Our bathroom shower cabins are heavier and durable, warm to the touch, available in a variety of designs, and are absolutely affordable to your budget. Our stylish range of shower enclosures magnifies the bathroom decor and each water droplet rejuvenates you to the core. The beautiful bathing space of the bathroom shower cabin invites you to immerse in the exotic repose of composure.

Our bathroom shower cabin is a healthy cocoon of tranquillity. They protect and wrap you in the placid embrace of serenity. Escape yourself from all worries and indulge yourself in the world of Oyster. The Marino is the heaven of Inspiration. It has bright Anodized Aluminium Profiles. The Crown is no doubt the most striking and attractive shower enclosure. The Sublime and the Vogue both of the shower enclosures are beautiful statements of sheer joy. Raise the style quotient of your home with the designer features of the Dome shower enclosures. Oyster Bath is the one-stop destination to buy a great bathroom Shower cabin in India.