Your Bathroom Needs A Sauna And We’ll Tell You Why?


The past couple of years has witnessed dramatic shifts in the way people lead their lives. From the work culture to leisure practices, everything has undergone a transition. The unprecedented circumstances have affected people’s mental and physical health which has subsequently led them to seek ways to overcome it with any method, tried and tested or new.

People have been using saunas for hundreds of years to reap benefits like weight loss, body cleansing and relaxation. As the years have progressed, steam saunas have developed further to assist in improving people’s mental and physical health in addition to other benefits.

Studies have revealed that using a sauna and steam bath at home is helpful in escalating cognitive stimulation. Increased cognitive stimulation is instrumental in improving people’s memory, learning ability and problem-solving abilities. Regular use of saunas is impactful in maintaining better vascular and heart health.

Following are some benefits of sauna on physical and mental health: 

Improving concentration:

Exposing yourself to heat for 20 minutes, twice every week increases the level of Noradrenaline, a chemical messenger that aids in transferring nerve signals across nerve endings and in increasing focus. Particularly for people with low attention spans, making use of a sauna raises the level of noradrenaline up to 86%, though entirely replacing medicines with sauna is not recommended.

Reducing stress levels and improving mood:

A busy lifestyle can cause restlessness and irritation in people and using a steam bathroom regularly greatly reduces stress levels and relaxes the body.  It has a positive impact on the mood due to the endorphins released during the process.

Removing Mental fatigue:

Mental fatigue does more harm than people seem to imagine. It can also affect concentration or cause headaches and lack of sleep, eventually resulting in physical fatigue. Saunas deal with mental fatigue by helping in increasing the growth of Myelin which helps in elevating the oxygen concentration in the brain.

Improved stamina:

Stamina is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Using a sauna can help reduce harmful molecules that cause inflammation in the body and makes the arteries healthier which in turn becomes instrumental in participating in healthy habits like walking and exercising.

Accelerated healing:

Many studies suggest that regular sauna sessions are associated with a reduction in cardiovascular incidences. Moreover, it is also revealed that heart patients who opted for sauna therapy (along with their regular treatment) are likely to heal faster than those who didn’t. Saunas are also very beneficial for the senior population to improve their health.

The world is at a stage in time where prioritising one’s well-being is more conventional and necessary than it is a luxury. To invest in the best options to suit your taste, we recommend you to head over to Oyster Lifestyle’s website and choose from the exquisite range of sauna and other wellness products.