4 unbelievable Bathroom Makeovers with Oyster Bath!


Like any great show-stopper, a bathroom is made by its ensemble. Bathroom design has overgone a dramatic change in recent decades. Bathrooms, especially master bathrooms, have become far more than the simple, utilitarian room they once were. They have evolved from simple, white-tiled, sanitized spaces into personal retreats and at-home spas. And like everything you might want from a fresh look in your house to a makeover to an old bathroom requiring planning, good information, and careful thought. Whether you’re looking for ideas to spruce up your current bath or planning for a full bathroom renovation, Oyster Bath’s projects and tips will help you along your way.

1. First and foremost thing is to discard the obsolete and to find the dream overhead shower. Oyster‘s selection of overhead bathroom shower systems and styles will suit bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. We have a selection of shower systems to choose from, so you can enjoy a showering experience that feels and looks great every day.

2. Secondly, nobody obsesses about bathrooms as we do. For Oyster Bath, bathroom design is as much about creating clever solutions for the tiniest of cloakrooms as it is about turning the biggest bathroom suite into a stunning visual treat.

3. Most importantly, Oyster Bath has one of the best design for bathroom fittings that are of abundance in shapes and sizes ranging from modern, timeless to futuristic, and minimalist to maximalist. Most of Oyster’s whirlpool bathtubs and spa, are color matched so you can mix pieces from any of the many ranges.

4. Lastly, our design team has used science, art, and a touch of genius to bring you steam and sauna for home solutions that look stunning and perform to the highest standards.

The difference between a great bathroom and your dream bathroom is all in the little details. At Oyster Bath ’ we work hard to bring you a range of bathroom faucets accessories that give you all the choices you need to create your perfect bathroom. From traditional styles that never go out of fashion, to cutting-edge contemporary designs, we like to think our range has something for everyone. The style of a bathroom is where you get to show off some real creativity, picking something that matches both your needs and your personality. All of the aforementioned with Oyster Bath is sure to give a vanity makeover to the humble bathroom into a luxurious experience!

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