4 ways to maintain your steam generator!!


With exclusive steam generators and sauna heater, you can enjoy and relaxation for the perfect experience. However, it is important to maintain your steam generator. Some of the ways have been listed as follow-

1. Install an Auto Flush System – Flushing your steam room generator after each use is the best way to ensure years of trouble-free enjoyment. If the steam generator is not routinely flushed, minerals in the water could turn into calcium and reduce performance. When such a thing happens, a barrier is formed at the heat source making your steam generator to work harden to attain the same temperature. Installing an auto flush system is simple and performs all the necessary actions for you.

2. Add a water softener system to your home – Depending on where you live, hard water can be a serious problem. Hard water leaves behind insoluble filmof soap causing your hair and skin to squeak. The mineral deposits from hard water cause scale to gather over time, reducing the life of your steam bath generator. If you live in desert states, you are most likely have access to the hardest water and will have to be extra proactive in maintaining your steam generator.

3. Do manual cleaning of your steam generator in every few years – It is recommended to have an authorized service provider to do a manual descaling of the unit in every few years. However, you can find and follow the troubleshooting guides online for instructions on cleaning the generator and maintain them for longer durations.

4. Inspect your equipment from time to time – Planned maintenance inspections are an important part of the preventative maintenance plan. It is worth initiating service inspections based on actual usage. You may run the steam generator only once every week. In such a case, the unit only sees approximately 50 cycles per year and not require an annual inspection. However, if you run it more than that, then a quarterly inspection is probably the best.

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