5 useful bathroom hacks to keep your bathroom organzied


These simple bathroom hacks is sure to transform your bathroom-

1. Under the sink – The area under the sink is a difficult and important place to keep tidy. There are all sorts of creams, lotions, sprays, perfumes and that is just the start. If you are not able to reach to the desired stuff, the chances of knocking over many other things are extremely high. However, you should create space and shed off the expired and unused items as well as the bulky packaging. You can leave your everyday essentials on the counter which can clear the space and make it clear.

2. Bobby Pins - Bobby Pins is one of those things that you have in huge numbers but can't find even one when you need it. However, the magnetic strips inside the face of the drawer or cabinet is the best or the most accessible place. This is an easy place to put them and also keeps the space clean giving you the luxury to take it whenever you want. This might sound like a very vague tip but is extremely useful.

3. Make the shower do double duty – You can let your towels and delicates dry without being on display. You can install an inexpensive combination of both shower curtain rod and the towel bar. The items can also be drip-dried in your tub. You can mount yours backward making the towels hang behind the curtains giving a cleaner and more organized look.

4. Relocate your whicker baskets – The jute baskets that don't fit in the bathroom cabinet might have a place or purpose somewhere else like the walls maybe. You can probably hang two above the toilet to hold the rolled up towels and also hide the paper in a handy spot.

5. Go for drawer dividers – You can limit your top drawers for products you can use several times a week if not daily. You can stash the special occasion cosmetic in an out of the way bag. However, drawer dividers simplify your things. If you are short on drawer or cabinet space, you can use an over the door shoe caddy to keep your things in reach and place.

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