5 ways to design your dream swimming pool


Swimming pools are a wonderful addition to your house, creating a great way to spend time together as a family and acting as a great alternative of super fun exercising. A home swimming pool isn't very easy to build though. However, here are 5 ways to design your dream swimming pool -

1) Position of the pool – You should keep in mind the following points while deciding a position for your pool -

• Build it in the most visible area from your living space.

• North and west are the best directions for the home swimming pool as the other two are too cold. You should optimize the sunshine and warmest weather.

• Install a modern cleaning system in order to ensure timely proper cleaning.

2) Design of the pool – The key to designing a home swimming pool is to make it feel like a part of the home. Look at the architecture and replicate it in your pool. The materials you use also decide the fate of the pool. Current trends suggest large format tiling and paving. Just be careful with using light coloured tiling as they discolour easily. Another factor to design your dream home swimming pool is water temperature. So consider the size and design of your home swimming pool carefully.

3) Surroundings of the pool – You can fit chairs and tables within the pool fence area to enhance the beauty. Think about what you need to make the pool safe and pleasing to look at. You can also incorporate the pool into your outdoor kitchen or living space. This will also enable you to spend quality time with family and friends. Ideally the exit point from the house should be located near the home swimming pool so that there’s continuity for seamless use.

4) Accessories of the pool – Pool Accessories make your pool experience more enjoyable and full of fun. Accessories for your home swimming pool include diving boards, pool slides, pool floats and games, pool steps and ladders, LED pool lighting etc. You can add all these accessories to enhance the design of your dream swimming pool.

5) Choosing the right swimming pool manufacturer – The toughest part of the process is choosing the right swimming pool manufacturer. Oyster Bath is a leading swimming pool manufacturer with a beautiful collection giving your house that perfect makeover. Among the most loved pieces are Divine, Envisage and Ambaris giving you the ultimate benefits of your own swimming pool.

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