5 Ways To Makeover Your Bathroom With Accessories


Nothing lowers the value and appeal of your home like an outdated bathroom, but for a makeover, you don't need to break the entire setting. Some paint, new vanity and or faucet, small drawer organizers, decorative containers, and design ideas can give your bathroom a much-needed redecoration in just some time.

1) Replace your countertop accessories – This requires very minimal shopping. Look through your place for a pretty ceramic mug or cup, a small tray or plate to corral your cosmetics, a mason jar for toothbrushes. Old wooden crates make smart holders for extra toilet paper and bath towels. This makes a big impact on a single upgrade. A calming color on the walls gives a sense of tranquility.

2) Swap out your old shower - There is just something so soothing and luxurious about a rainfall showerhead. They are softer and make each shower, not like an obligation but a special occasion. It doesn't involve a big investment either. Oyster Bath, a leading bathtub dealer will not only provide showerheads that are easy on your budget but also give a new look to your bathroom.

3) Fashionable rugs, window treatments, shower rugs, and towels are easy and cost-efficient, providing lots of colors and design interest. When your bathroom lacks enough space, you can hang a multilevel basket for additional space. That's all there is to it! All these are available at your nearest bathtub dealers.

4) Add a bathtub – Adding a bathtub to your bathroom can give it a whole new look. However, choosing the right bathtub can take you a long way. The pricing for each bathtub is different. According to bathtub dealers, the pricing depends on the model you are opting for along with the side of the bathtub. Choose your bathtub wisely for the perfect relaxing alternative and experience.

5) Get a steam shower – Steam showers relax and detoxify your body, making you feel energetic and fresh. Oyster's aesthetic and intelligently functional steam showers instilled with the latest technology and features will not only enhance your bathing experience but also give your bathroom a modern and refreshing look.

With just a little effort and some easy know-how, you've made your bathroom new again!!

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