Bathing Doesn’t Mean Hydrating


Different people around the globe have different ways of living. The way of life exceedingly affects the abidance and well-being of an individual. The components like nutrition, workout, and sleep have a sound impact on our fitness. But another angle that we do not pay much attention to is bathing.

Bathing is a vital element of our personal care regime that can affect our fitness in numerous ways. It’s a myth that bathing moistens the skin but if truth be told, regular baths and showers leave the skin dry by washing away the natural oils on the skin.

But still, people find bathing really hydrating and an easy way to detoxify their bodies. People prefer to bathe in a bathtub or a traditional shower. Some prefer to take steam and sauna baths to pamper or rejuvenate their senses. Let’s take a look at how bathing supports comprehensive well-being.


As per the findings of some important testing and investigations, an immersion bathing improves the circulating system and provides sufficient oxygen and other important nutrients required by the body.

Essential for skin and body

Agreed, that too much bathing can damage the skin. But we cannot deny that bathing is essential for washing away the dirt and other contaminants from the skin and body.

This is the reason why bathing can’t be excluded from the skincare regime. Bathing controls the excess oil build-up on your skin, washes away the bacteria, and makes it look fresh.

Bathing no doubt leaves the skin dry, but it can be beneficial if you adjust the water’s temperature. Make sure the water is moderate for your skin to retain moisture. Besides this, cold bathroom showers tighten the open pores on the skin and make it look young.

Brings down the stress and anxiety levels

Studies prove that people who regularly bathe are less likely to suffer from psychological issues. Those who have a hot water bath every day enjoy better sleep; have low stress and a high quotient of happiness. A warm water bath before going to bed encourages better sleep and helps to cure insomnia.


Cold showers expedite our heart rate. This increases the pumping efficiency of the heart and our blood flows quicker throughout the body.

Helps to check symptoms of depression

When we are exposed to cold showers, it raises the generation of happy hormones in the brain. Showering with cold water works as an antidepressant, hence it helps to cure the symptoms of cheerlessness. Hydrotherapy can calm down your nervous system and brings down anxiety. A warm water bath can stimulate the secretion of serotonin, a hormone responsible for happiness and fitness.

Bathing reduces joint and muscle pain

Going into the water can reduce pressure on joints, muscles, and bones. A warm water bath eases the restless and fatigued muscles. Thus it proves greatly beneficial for those suffering from chronic pains and aches.

Bathing supports the birthing process

It is firmly established that an immersed warm bath can minimize the pain during the initial stage of labor. This helps the mother to entirely concentrate on the birthing procedure. Postnatal bathing infused with aromatic oils works best for healing the body and mind and other issues related to childbearing.


A hot water bath or spa can effectively eliminate bacteria and germs and make your immune system stronger. It copes with the symptoms of cold and flu. A steam bath can minimize the risk of cell damage, lessening the rate of issues like cancer.

Products you can use to elevate your bath experience and encourage holistic wellness

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An optimal way to maintain body temperature

Bathing is one of the pleasant and convenient ways to control body temperature. It is well-defined that both cold and hot showers have their own health gains without any adverse effects.

On a hot day of summer, you can calm your body and mind with cold showers. On the hand, in winter you can enjoy a hot water bath.

Contributes to the cure of respiratory issues

Immersed bathing can improve the capability of the lungs by exerting appropriate water pressure on the chest. Warm water or a steam bath can smooth up your nasal passage. This improves the rate of breathing and helps to cure respiration-related issues.


Every coin has two sides; similarly, bathing also has some pros and cons. Bathing has been a gesture of healing, rejuvenation, and relaxation for ages in many cultures. Regular bathing promotes better sleep, decreases stress, and washes away contaminants. It creates a conducive environment to pacify the stressed mind. Bathing has an adverse impact on the skin but we can reduce the skin damage by moderating the water temperature. We can use a lubricating moisturizer after a bath to restore the natural oils.

From the above-discussed points, we can say that bathing is a healthy habit, promoting all-round well-being.

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