Bathtubs or Overhead Shower – Which one will you prefer?


Are you struggling to decide between a bathtub and shower? Homeowners constructing or remodeling a new bathroom can get stuck on this question. Both bathtubs and shower have their own advantages and disadvantages. These questions by Oyster Bath will help you choose between the two -

1. Do you already have a bathtub? - It is easy to kick out all tubs and incorporate trendy showers but most realtors will advise against this. If you are going to sell your house, pulling out the tubs will reduce the number of buyers. It is important to know that a house with one full bathroom will benefit most from the combination of the two.

If there is a tub in the small bathroom, replace it with a shower to give more space to change and get ready.

If there is a tub in the master room, you can opt to keep it for resale purposes. But if you never wish to resale the house and never use it, you can replace it with an overhead shower and steam and sauna.

2. How much space is available? - Cramped-up bathroom spaces induce stress. Investing in a rain shower may seem like the right choice if you have a small bathroom.

3. Who uses the bathroom? - People prefer showers over tubs as they are easy to get in and out of. These homeowners, however, tend to prefer a place to sit and railings for safety and ease. If you are looking to age-in-place, a rain shower is a good investment. If you are planning to start a family, make sure you have at least one bathtub. Baths in the master suite are usually used only by adults. If you plan to keep or install a master bathtub, consider a deep model. It offers a luxurious option for people who like to soak in comfort. There is a model for every aesthetic, easily incorporated in modern and antique designs.

4. Is Energy Efficiency a Priority for you? - The efficient overhead showers will save you money on the water bill. The average shower uses 20 gallons compared to the bath’s 30. This is a bonus for the wallet and makes the property more competitive in the resale market. Energy efficiency is the top priority for today’s homeowners.

5. Cost and Benefits - Switching one tub for another is easy unless the new one is larger and complex. Replacement won’t cost much but converting from one style to another is where the things get hairy. Knowing the costs and benefits of each style can also help you make an informed decision.

Henceforth, the choice between the two goes beyond own taste and impacts the resale value, energy efficiency, and family living. Consider how much space you are working with, who will use it and how much you wish to invest. Your right choice will be clear.

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