Ceiling Rain Showers- Will Add Fresh Appeal and Impact to Your Bath


Why not turn your everyday shower into a sensual adventure? Fashionable and classy shower heads will make your bathroom unique and functional at the same time. Ceiling rain showers offered by Oyster bath are able to bring you on cloud nine literally also taking your bathing experience altogether on a whole new level.

A modern twist to rain shower heads
Ceiling rain shower heads make the most out of pressure, giving you an incredible spread without much affecting your water bill. This overhead shower is the perfect choice for a bathroom that takes a contemporary yet minimalistic approach to design. With a streamlined look and appeal, the rain shower adds a modern twist to the showerhead. It gives you a steady stream allowing you to rinse off quickly. Accessible at the turn of a knob, ceiling rain shower is definitely a great option to give you a convenient bathing experience.

Raise the style quotient with ceiling rain showers
If at all you have ever enjoyed standing in a soft breeze of rain, you might consider installing a ceiling rain shower in your bathroom. For the ultimate in luxury and streamlined appearance, a rain shower head by Oyster Bath flaunts a style that is sure to last for years. The water falling from this fixture cascades over your body and gives you a bathing experience that is both refreshing and perfectly natural. The sophisticated design of this equipment give your bathroom a chic and elegant look. Also, from a pulsating massage to a water saving trickle, ceiling mounted shower gives versatile features.

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