Choosing The Best Place For Your In-house Spa Bathtub

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A home spa bathtub sounds like one of the best plans for your home. More people are subscribing to the luxury of invigorating bath experiences by installing home spa bathtubs at their homes. Though it seems like a simple enough decision, it requires some planning and consideration to pick the best location for the hot tub to suit the landscape, layout and personal preferences. Oyster Lifestyle has mapped a few points to consider while choosing the best location for your home spa:

Delivery access:

As much as you would want your home spa bath delivery to be swift and go without any hitches, it’s almost rarely the case. That is not to say, that it is not possible to carry out smooth delivery with some planning and careful manual reading from your end.  Make sure that the spa bathtub’s location and it’s dimensions are directly congruent with each other. Additionally, it will be a relief to you and the delivery crew if the path along the driveway all the way to the location is wide and clear for easy transportation so make sure to run a map through it before you place the order.

Structural support:

It is often hard to look past the thought of a brand new spa bathtub sitting at your preferred location at home which leaves you to overlook the structural integrity of the place. An empty hot tub might not look like much weight but you need to remember that the weight of at least four grown adults on top of multiple gallons of water in the tub becomes a substantial load to support. For outdoor installations, it is recommended to place it atop a thick concrete slab whereas indoor locations or decks take professional opinions to ensure that the total weight does not surpass the building’s total structural capacity.

Drainage and waterproofing:

This is one of the more obvious aspects of choosing the spa location. You would want to choose a location with easy access to water and more importantly, drainage to maintain hygiene in and around your spa bathtub. You can place it near an existing drain or somewhere with enough space to install one. Moreover, take note to direct the drainage away from the spa equipment and in case of indoor and patio installations ensure waterproof coating around the susceptible surfaces to avoid mildew and rot.

Ease of use and maintenance:

A discussion about the ease of access to the spa bathtub is both redundant and necessary. It is an obvious line of thought that you’d want the bathtub to be placed somewhere you won’t have to struggle to get to even within your home. The location might also be influenced by the general local weather or how many people and of what age bracket will use it regularly. Moreover, ease of access is a major factor to carry out routine maintenance and timely repairs when and if the need arises.