Reasons To Go For Rain Showers This Summer


With spring bidding farewell and summer camping in your backyards, many changes are underfoot for a major portion of the Indian population. Starting from the morning routine to wardrobe switch to different eating patterns summer brings about a dozen lifestyle changes. The season is famous for long lazy vacations and picnics in the parks, and a generally relaxed environment.

The change in season also comes with a very characteristic rise in temperature which after the initial reverie from the biting cold often turns into unbearable circumstances. The overwhelming exposure to the scorching heat is known to cause physical and mental distress to people. Many studies and research conducted around the world have pointed out the constant rise in maximum temperature every summer due to the poor environmental health of the planet.

It is no wonder that people are inclined to book a summer getaway by the water to be relieved of the season. In their daily lives, most people subscribe to staying substantially hydrated and taking a refreshing shower, sometimes multiple times a day. Oyster Lifestyle has you covered with an assortment of invigorating shower ranges to keep you sufficiently refreshed to weather the heat with comfort.

While showers are a basic hygiene requirement, they almost become a survival necessity during summers. Oyster makes this necessity a rejuvenating and amusing experience with the selection of shower settings and features. It is not far-fetched to say that people even hope for monsoons to take the wheel and simply drench every passerby on particularly agonising days. Oyster’s multiple bath shower collections are equipped with rain showers (amidst other settings like mist, cascade, shower curtain etc.) that immaculately imitate rainfalls and reward you with a rainfall experience on command. You don’t even need to glance at the weather readings displayed on the shower systems by Oyster Lifestyle to choose the rain shower and douse in refreshing rainfall at any time of the day. 

A change of season is always a good time to pick up new habits just to bring a new direction to your lifestyle. However, some things remain a staple to every season, for example, craving for a refreshing shower multiple times a day during summer. Oyster Lifestyle recognises these preferences (which many a time border on requirements) and offers you a wide range of bath space products like shower enclosures, shower panels and the exquisite shower collection like Shower Max, Sun shower, Multisystem etc. and makes your summer a breezy ride.