Chromotherapy and its benefits!


Chromotherapy, widely known as colour therapy is the science of using colours to adjust to the body's vibrations which results in harmony and health. Each colour possesses the amount of a specific vibration and each vibration is related to different physical signs and has a positive impact on your health. The spectrum of white light is made up of seven colours which are red, orange, green, yellow, blue, violet, and indigo.

How do colours affect us?

1. Colours influence moods and emotions and affect our way of perception.

2. Colours impact the sense of well-being and uneasiness.

3. Colours have an impact on the flow and amount of energy in the body.

4. Colours have a symbolic meaning which is recognized by the subconsciousness.

Detailed benefits of each colour -

1. Orange - It alleviates tiredness and enhances the mood against depression.

2. Purple - This colour activates the imagination.

3. Blue - It generates a feeling of peace and serenity and helps reduce muscle tension.

4. Yellow - It is a colour full of energy stimulating enthusiasm and improving the mind and muscular tone.

5. Indigo - This is the colour of motivation and creativity.

6. Green - The benefits of this colour are somewhat natural. It offers both calming and encouraging effects and offers serenity which helps you sleep.

7. Magenta - It raises blood pressure and gets you going.

The principles of colour therapy dictate that keeping the perfect balance of colours within ourselves leads us to happy and healthy lives keeping the ailments at a distance. Oyster Bath has bathroom wellness products equipped with Chromotherapy to promote good health and well-being. They are moulded according to the demands of the modern-day household and lifestyle. Oyster Bath’s multifunctional showers and other bathroom essentials have several functions which focus on well-being and relaxation using chromotherapy. So let’s keep your sleepiness away and wake up every morning to exhilarating benefits.

In the end, colour therapy is one of the most ancient healing therapies which have been used in several parts of the world. If used the right way, it can harness the energy and boost the natural healing ability of the body and not only cure diseases but prevent them.

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