Dry Bathrooms: An Overlooked Necessity


Have you ever given thought to why most of us are attracted to spaces like hotels and resorts? They are a standard for grandeur and quality indoor experiences. There is an appeal to even the bathrooms at those places which makes people inclined to revisit them. It can undoubtedly be credited to the maintenance they receive. One can easily draw a clear distinction between regular residential bathrooms and high-end bathrooms at hotels. If you examine it closely, you’ll find one of the biggest reasons is how dry the bathroom floor is. It might seem like a menial detail, but, in actuality, it contributes a great deal towards keeping an appealing and hygienic bathroom.

Oyster Lifestyle equips your bathroom with features that infuse opulence into your experience. To enjoy an optimised performance by Oyster’s premium products, it is important that you make efforts to maintain them orderly. 

Here are some other reasons why you should keep your bathroom floor clean: 


Accidents in the bathroom are common, but they can easily escalate to inflict severe injuries and need to be looked out for. A wet bathroom floor is comparable to an invitation for disaster in India, where most homes are not equipped with anti-slip shower mats or skid-proof tiles. Moreover, it is a prerequisite for homes with children and the elderly to ensure as much security within homes as possible, and keeping a dry bathroom floor ranks high on the list of measures to guarantee it.


Keeping a healthy outlook in daily life does well for everyone involved. A large part of house maintenance includes keeping the bathroom clean and hygienic. To avoid catching a cold from standing barefoot on a wet floor, it is essential to maintain a dry bathroom. More importantly, a damp bathroom can easily host dreadfully unhygienic conditions like moulds and moss on the crevices of the bathroom or an inventory of bacteria that can, in turn, cause some serious infections.


Many people might not pay much attention to it, but bathrooms are a prominent aspect of influencing the appeal of a place. Other than leaving a disagreeable impression on guests, damp and dingy bathrooms are unpleasant for day-to-day personal usage. A wet bathroom sports stains, smell, and even soiled footprints on the floor, leading to an unappealing experience overall. A dry bathroom sustains the appeal of the place and even appends on the aesthetics.

The preceding points call attention to the importance of keeping your bathroom dry for an enhanced experience. Fortunately, it is as simple to achieve as it is essential. Measures like adequate ventilation to absorb the moisture post showers or segregating the wet and dry spaces in the bathroom with features like shower panels do the job without the need for constant vigilance from you. Investing in reliable, durable & quality shower enclosures like Oyster Lifestyle is always a good idea. Make a choice and enjoy an elevated bathroom experience right away.