4 Types Of Spas You Can Consider For Your Home


With time various types of spas have been introduced in the market depending on where they can be installed or how many people they can accommodate. Some models have distinguishable features that become the deciding vote for many purchases. Oyster Lifestyle proffers an assortment of spas that are ready to be chosen and installed inside your space to elevate the opulence of your place. Here are some spa types which you can consider to accentuate your lifestyle.

Swim Spa:

Everyone relaxes in their own way. While some would want to simply unwind, others are more enthusiastic about a productive relaxation session so they can get their exercise in. Swimming tubs or spas are generally long and spacious and typically built alongside a deck where they can double as a swimming pool.

Portable Spa:

As mentioned above, many spas are designed to cater to the specific needs of people and a portable spa is one of them. Portable bathtub spas offer a variety of features to choose from and are popular as an affordable option. Despite their cost efficiency, portable spas do not disappoint in bestowing luxury and performance. Additionally, you can install portable spas in different parts of your house and experience comfort anywhere.

In-ground spas:

In-ground spas draw inspiration from traditional spas and are generally built in the vicinity of a swimming pool. In most cases, these spas are custom-made and come into the picture right from the construction/remodelling stage. This allows for a plethora of options that fit perfectly with your space despite being more expensive than regular hot tubs.

Wooden spas:

Wooden hot tubs were the first commercial hot tubs to hit the market around six decades ago. While they were traditionally heated with coal, their contemporary counterparts can be powered by electricity, fuel or a coalescence of both. Being certified insulators, wooden spas are the safest bet against electric shocks which might be an issue for some people. (Though most spas undergo multiple quality checks before hitting the market.)

Aligning your requirements with your preferred type of product is one of the greater boons of recent years. The variety of options discussed here and many more are largely available at Oyster Lifestyle for you to pick the spa bath best suited to your taste and space.