Features To Look For In The Best Steam Showers In India


The fast-paced and high-yielding lifestyle led by a majority of the population leaves little to no time for them to indulge in replenishing their vitality. The perceptible acceleration has made way for multifaceted product execution to accomplish maximum utility within a finite time frame. In the same breath, bathrooms and showers have transcended their original purpose and assimilated a variety of functions. These range from proffering comfortable showers to instilling elegance into your space. One of the major functions that bathrooms have divulged is providing relaxation with features like steam showers.

Home steam baths are primarily shower enclosures with steam generators fixed internally. Oyster Lifestyle’s steam generators are premium shower accessories which elevate people’s shower experience by balancing opulence and revitalisation. In addition to being a relaxing inclusion to showers, steam bathrooms are known to have an agreeable effect on health. The steam conveniently detoxifies the body by dispelling toxins out of the body and even prevents outer agents like unwelcome substances from settling on the body.

Here are a few features you need to keep in mind to pick the best steam generators in India:

Saving electricity :

For a prolonged and thorough steam experience while you save electricity, go for steam generators that take their time to heat the water. Be mindful of switching the shower unit on a few minutes before you plan on taking the shower to avoid a fragmented experience.

Check for the flush-out function:

While steam generators primarily produce vapour by heating water, it is imperative that the product itself stays free from steam and calcium that deposit on the heating elements. Oyster’s steam generator comes with an auto steam drain which flushes all the impurities from it. The automatic flush-out function saves you the hassle of recurrent manual clean-up.

Take precautions to note the dimensions:

The amount of water consumed differs greatly in accordance with the steam generators. The size and efficiency of the steam generators, the dimensions of the shower enclosures, the number of steam heads and even the materials used in the stall make explicit contributions to determining the water consumption.

User-friendly control panels are the way to go:

It is quite understandable that no one would prefer to pull out the user manual every time they wish to take a relaxing steam shower. This makes it a no-brainer that most people look for steam generators that come with user-friendly control panels. Other than the temperature, easy-to-understand and operate control panels give access to a variety of options like the duration, music and even sound and chromotherapy.

Steam generators operate by producing steam with heated water and subsequently dispersing it into the shower enclosure through pipes and steam heads. In other words, though they are compact machines, steam generators tend to include the entire bathroom unit in their operation which makes their purchase an essential decision. You can trust Oyster Lifestyle to procure the best steam generators in the market and elevate your bath spaces instantly.