Experience Personally Curated Chromotherapy At Home


Colours take up a considerable amount of space in the world, most often than not prove to be dynamically symbolic for many reasons.  The universality of their existence has bled into establishing the irrefutable role they play in people’s lives.

Chromotherapy (or colour therapy) employs colours and lights (often tinted) to navigate and heal mental and physical ailments through the sense of sight. The practice allows the eyes to perceive colours and influence your mind and body in correspondence. Chromotherapy traces its known origin to a Persian philosopher Avicenna who introduced its earliest form. Subsequently, the practice evolved into a developed therapy following experiments by Jean-Michel Weiss in France.

Over time, chromotherapy has travelled from dedicated spa locations to personal spaces like people’s private shower panels. Bathroom spaces are generally associated with cleaning and rejuvenating but seldom do they make the list of healing abodes. However, over the years the alignment of design and technology has culminated in multiple manoeuvres that allow people the choice between a refreshing boost and a calming serenity, sometimes both simultaneously. 

From regular and steam showers to saunas from Oyster Lifestyle’s wellness range avail the option of healing with the power of colours. In-built chromotherapy lighting also eradicates the extra efforts of looking for waterproof products and their external installation. With Oyster’s generous collection of products like spa baths, steam generators and showers etc., and their user-friendly interface, chromotherapy can become a common facet of your bathroom experience.

Humans associate different emotions and attributes with different colours. Even generally, there is an allocated spectrum of meanings that runs parallel with the designated colours. In chromotherapy, you discern lights and heal accordingly. While nature has an abundance of colours to offer, there are a few shades which are particularly popular in Chromotherapy.

Blue is often regarded as a calm colour and helps you soothe your blood pressure and relax your breathing.  The anti-inflammatory property of blue lights proves to be a boon for one’s circulation. The red light, on the other hand, works miraculously to energise and stimulate all your senses by increasing your pulse rate inside the shower. Green lights are pleasing and come to the rescue to help you through irritability and insomnia. It is also one of the contributors to relieving stress. In the case of yellow lights, in addition to bringing ambience and warm spirits inside your bathroom, it is also effective in digestion problems. Plain white light is calming and offers clarity and peace of mind while soothing your muscles after a labouring day.

You can get personal chromotherapy sessions within your walls with Oyster’s extensive range of its products’ chromotherapy features. It allows you to curate the session to your liking and even make exclusive adjustments that align flawlessly with your mood and requirements.