Here’s A List Of All The Major Elements In Your Bathroom To Attain A Modern Poise


With the population of the world surpassing eight billion, the diversity in design preferences is an undeniable occurrence. This diversity bleeds into building designs and décor; however, despite the generous variety of design themes, contemporary structures lean heavily towards modern bathroom equipment. Though not overtly recognised, bathrooms play a vital role in sculpting the opulence in your lifestyle.

A modern bathroom does not necessarily denote a lack of traditional elements. Oyster Lifestyle’s distinguished range of bathroom wellness products elevates the modern definition and utility of your bath spaces without agitating the elegance of your design narrative. Modish bathroom fittings like shower enclosures, touch sensor control panels etc. by Oyster lend the modern poise you wish your bath space to reflect at all times.

Shower enclosures:
Irrespective of the size of the bathroom adding a pristine shower enclosure gives an instant facelift to the space. The glass panes often adorned with sleek frames make sanctioned optimal use of the space while checking all the boxes on the appearance and hygiene chart. Shower enclosures are steadily growing in demand around the world for the multiplicity of benefits associated with them and work as perfect catalysts for a modern turnover of your bath space.

User-friendly control panels:
Taking control of all the activities in your bath space gives you a sense of assurance and rids you of more than just the grit of the day. User-friendly sensors on control panels make the bathroom accessible and comfortable for everyone. You can easily set Oyster’s wellness products on settings that suit your taste and immediate needs with a flick of a wrist or a touch. The panels are designed to remain water and shockproof to maintain their functionality for a long time.

Personal steam and saunas:
There is nothing better than the sensation of unwinding at a familiar place and what more familiar than your home. Home steam bath and sauna give your bath space an elevated elegance. Oyster’s steam and saunas offer a range of features that rejuvenates your body and bathroom and infuses modern integrity into the place.

Modern faucets:
The common consensus might suggest that faucets and basin mixers don’t make enough or as much contribution to the bathroom’s design grammar to qualify as an important element but like most details, a well-picked faucet design makes a world of difference to the tone of your bathroom design theme.

The contemporary bath space is designed and subsequently expected to be utilised to its greatest potential. Installing modern bath wellness equipment and accessories inside your bathroom does the space and you justice by offering an array of features that make your bathroom experience the highlight of your day.