Why Collaborating Technology And Design In Bathrooms Remains Undefeated


There is no denying the precedence of bathrooms in the contemporary world. No building or structure, either commercial or residential is deemed complete without installing a restroom of some capacity. The first documented origins of bathrooms date back to the Indus Valley civilization in 3000 BC followed by ceramic tubs and plumbing, and alabaster tubs in 1500 BC Greece respectively, and the design and composition of the bath spaces have only progressed since.

The novelty of modern technology does not take away from the fact that every turn of history has something to show about the evolution of sanitaryware and bathroom installations corresponding to the calibre of concurrent technology. The domain of modern bathrooms has broadened to assimilate features and amenities that slightly differ from the basic requirements of a traditional bathroom space. Features like multiple shower settings, in-house spa and sauna, feather-touch control panels etc. do not come unwelcomed though. Manufacturers and developers like Oyster Lifestyle have analysed and applied the advancement in technology to accomplish a variety of design and functional purposes of bath spaces with an excellent catalogue of products like shower enclosures, jacuzzi bathtubs, steam generators etc.

Many people might be wary of mixing technology and the predominantly damp bathrooms dreading an imminent electrical accident. While it is a legible reason for concern in some respects, most modern bathroom appliances are designed and fit to accommodate these precautions. The evolution of architectural design has aided in discouraging this fear by making provisions for ensuring safe, operational and often concealed installation units. Oyster Lifestyle has taken great care with all of its product designs and mechanisms to make your bathroom experience a secure and elevated endeavour.

Moreover, inculcating technology in wellness design has given way to practices that previously required specially designated places and equipment. Introduction of in-house spas and saunas, and home steam baths from Oyster Lifestyle transform an average bath space into an exceptional revitalising sanctuary. Features like chromotherapy, aromatherapy, multisystem, in-built speakers etc give modern wellness products an edge over more traditional products.

The passage of considerable time has warranted an expanse of choices in design and features for people to pick from. The confluence of technology with design in bath spaces goes beyond attested performance and becomes instrumental in creating an inclusive, assessable place for people. The innovation in bath wellness technology has been successful in assisting people with special needs to have a largely normative bathroom experience without relying on others for assistance.

What is better than realising that your bathroom experience does not necessarily need to limit within the bounds of ablution? The crutch of technology has augmented traditional wellness practices and made provisions for a more indulgent personal time. Oyster Lifestyle vows to offer an assortment of products and features to aid an elevated experience and lifestyle.