Feng Shui Tips for Bathroom Accessories


Do you believe in Fengshui? Have you considered renovating your bathroom as per FengShui? Building a place or room with the proper knowledge of FengShui benefits in creating positive Qi (Energy) in the home. It is good for wealth, prosperity, love, happiness and positive changes. Like every other room, a bathroom also has its importance as our day begins there. Following are some tips for Feng Shui to retain the balance of energy of your home.

1. Never build a bathroom in the center of a house. Keep the door closed since the positive energy of the home can get drained from the bathroom.

2. A bathroom should be airy and ventilated. If there is a space of a bathtub, then install it next to the toilet attached to the wall. Similarly, if the bathroom has less space and can not accommodate a tub, shower columns are the best preference.

3. To add some Earth elements to counter the strong water element, have a cabinet with the essential oils, towels, and other necessities.

4. Add curtains to separate the toilet from the bathing area unless there is an option of the shower enclosure.

5. Place a mirror above the sink. If it is cracked, remove it.

6. Blue, green and white colors are optimum for a bathroom.

7. Water should not clog in a house. A waterfall or rain related accessories should installed for such purpose.

8. Spa and Aromatherapy rejuvenates and freshens a person. It enhances the positive Qi of an area. Keeping aroma diffuser at hand also helps.

9. Sink, tubs, taps and other accessories should not leak. They should be of high quality and easy to clean.

The bathroom is a place to relax and revive. Giving it a fresh air and excellent care makes one feel good in the morning.

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