Follow Top Shower Trends With Oyster Bath!!


For most people, the bathroom is a personal space. It can be your personal spa where you relieve the stress of the day and relax. Your bathroom is your place where you can easily unwind and be yourself. If you are planning to build a new house or renovate your old space, there is a list of top shower trends to follow with Oyster Bath. It also involves some amazing rain shower and bathroom designs that one can borrow and create according to specific needs and requirements. There is so much variety in the designs, shape, and color that it can actually get overwhelming.

Oyster Bath's multi-functional showers have different functions that focus on well-being and relaxation focusing on therapies such as Chromotherapy. Water has several healing benefits for people of all ages. Chromotherapy uses colors and lights to rejuvenate you. It aims at targeting the core of every illness by restoring the balance between the body's electrical and magnetic fields. For example, red supports circulatory and nervous functions, yellow strengthens the body and activates internal tissues, etc. The light is soft and can be controlled by a remote. Oyster Bath brings to you the benefits of Chromotherapy to help you achieve and experience absolute healing which is different from any other in the market. The brand abides by this and wishes to keep your sleepiness at distance and wake up every morning with thrilling benefits.

At Oyster Bath, we have the latest and modern stepped designs. The entire collection of rain showers brings in a huge variety of forms and sizes to enhance your bathroom decor. Brook Shower is one of the most initial models of the brook series. It has a rain shower and a mist shower. Another one from the line is Brook Shower 600 adding a gracious allure to space. It has a rain shower, mist shower and a central waterfall shower blended with chromotherapy qualifying as one of the greatest in the range. Shower 1000 X 700 is a curtain shower consisting of 2 mist jets, a waterfall, a BT speaker and a two-layer shower with four sides LED lights. It is excellent in almost every detail mainly composed of stainless steel with a mirror finish. They are fully equipped with hygiene, wellness, and the latest technology that is used to glorify the bathroom interiors making Oyster Bath a perfect choice.

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