Get ready to make a splash with Oyster Bath’s swimming pool this summer


It's that time of the year when everyone finds ways to beat the heat and stay cool. One of the perfect ways to get over this sweltering summer heat is to make a splash in the swimming pool. Now easily buy a swimming pool for your home from the best swimming pool suppliers- Oyster Bath. The home swimming pool is not just a comfort but is also a valuable addition to your home. Notably, the pool culture is not restricted to a few exclusive clubs or five-star hotels but several homeowners are also considering introducing the swimming pool culture in their respective homes.

Whether you want some respite from the summer heat or even if you wish to indulge in some recreational activity, swimming is one of the best options. Oyster Bath offers you an exclusive range of swimming pool options promising wellness and much-needed rejuvenation. With Oyster Bath, you can also experience the comfort of installing the swimming pool on your terrace or lawn. With this, you can make the best use of available space and you do not have to worry about digging land. You can also rest assured about a big filtration system which comes inbuilt in Oyster Bath's swimming pool.


1. Heater for temperature control.

2. Ozonizer

3. Chromotherapy

4. Highly efficient water pumps.

5. Large water capacity

6. Optional swimming pool cover

7. Once you fill your swimming pool, the water-filled can be reused and it does not demand a big filtration system.

A look at some of the best swimming pool designs by Oyster Bath which you may consider as per your requirement:

1. Oriana home swimming pool

Oriana is the epitome of elegance and comes with a range of premium features. Make your senses come alive and feel rejuvenated with these specifications in Oriana.

A. You can enjoy seating capacity for 6 adults

B. Paper filtration system

C. Programmable circulation pump.

D. FM/ CD compatibility

E. 6 moulded headrests

F. Optional ladder

G. Spa cover

2. Ambaris home swimming pool

This classic spa is designed in a way to give you all the comfort you wish to experience after a tiring day at work. The key features include:

A. Perimeter PU insulation system.

B. Programmable circulation pump.

C. Air blower 700 W

D. FM/ CD compatibility

E. Digital spa pack & self-diagnostic topside control

F. Air massage jets (29) air bubble jet

G. Optional PU skirt all colors

3. Divine home swimming pool

Divine home swimming pool promises wellness. This unit provides you with much-needed relaxation. The key features are:

A. Seating capacity for 8 adults.

B. Air massage jets (8) air bubble jet 12, air bubble jet with led.

C. 3 KW online heater for temperature control

D. PMMA sheet reinforced with resin & fiber.

E. FM/CD compatibility

F. Pop up waterfall switch, 2 pop-up speakers.

Few tips to help you choose the right swimming pool for your home:

A. The pool shape matters

It is better to choose the shape of the swimming pool for your home that has stood the test of time. The shape and size may vary as per your need but being wise in choosing the shape will also help you in managing the space availability.

B. Know about the pool depth

Your reasons to install a swimming pool may vary. Some people enjoy swimming while some only love to make a splash by standing. So do consider the depth of the swimming pool you need to buy.

C. Choose the right location

If you have decided to go for a home swimming pool then you must also consider the right location. Preferably, choose a location that is away from noise or pollution.

D. Design and theme counts

Apart from the shape and size, the design of your home swimming pool also counts. The look of the pool must go well with the landscaping of your house.

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