Health Benefits of Oyster Bath’s Steam Bath Equipment


Are you ready to steam it up with the power of your steam shower cabin? The steam cabins provide additional embellishments to the bathrooms, adjoining rooms and transforms the lifestyle.


1. The hot steam shower helps you control cold and flu and soothes the pain. You can ease down the symptoms of cold and stop leaky nose after entering the steam room in next fifteen minutes. The steam build in the hot shower loosens the mucus, that perspires to breathe comfortably.

Smart tip: Close the drains and add few drops of eucalyptus essential oils, it appeases the inflammation. Because, when you breathe in the steamy environment, it palliates cough and moderates the chest congestion.

2. Spend 10 to 15 minutes under the elite steam bath equipment in your bathroom. It increases the blood flow, in return it alleviates the exerted and achy joints, it liberates the sore muscles and imparts more pacified experiences.

Tip: If you are having any kind of heart troubles then avoid the steam showers; it might increase your heart rate and blood pressure. So, consult the doctor before initiating a steam bath in your daily routine.

3. Heal the dehydrated skin with the help of fabulous steam bath equipment from Oyster Bath. Now you need not go for expensive moisturising treatments to lubricate your skin. Just take a healthy session of fifteen minutes, it works wonders for the skin. The warmth and moisture of the steam shower cabin open the pores, absorbs the moisturisers you applied and leaves the skin soft. It reduces blemishes, pimples and blackheads.

Tip: Steam prepares the hairs for shaving by softening the hair and reduces the burn caused due to the razors.

4. Ease the Stress with a pleasant steam shower. It provides relaxation and repose to the body. The heat that flows in the steam room allows your muscles to loosen up and curtails the stress. If you spend approx twenty minutes in the steam shower cabin before going to bed, it minimises your sleeping troubles.

Tip: Incorporate Aromatherapy with steam showers to attain a pleasant experience. Add few drops of lavender essential oils. It plays a great role in reducing the strain, anxiety and helps in anger management.

5. Regular steam showers help in weight management. Hot steam increases the flow of blood by invigorating the lymphatic system which helps in speeding up the metabolism. When the metabolic rate increases it burns more calories.

Tip: Unite healthy diet & steam baths in your lifestyle it results in effective weight loss.

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