Hot Shower v/s Cold Shower – You Need To Know


Someone said, "Bathing is Like Motivation, once you stop taking it, you stink."

Nature heals you from every single bruise you carry. What if you get the exact experience of nature at your place? People show concern about the physical wounds but the mental stress is often overlooked despite the remedy being at home. A nice long bath with a bathroom shower is just the exact medicine you should take to exclude stress from your life and get better deep sleep. To assist you with that, Oyster Bath sets up the environment to its best so that you get your therapy for mental peace.

Let us guide you with the experience you will have after taking baths under the privileged format of Oyster Bath.

No matter what the weather is, a hot bath is what you desire every morning. Oyster Bath does not only provide you with a hot bathroom shower but also creates your own spa. Bathrooms were once the most neglected parts of our homes, but now with Oyster Bath, it's a luxury. They provide you with a thermostatic temperature control panel that adjusts the temperature of the water according to your wish. There are wall-mounted showerheads and body jets that are modifiable.

With these features being an aid, an individual can experience the benefits of a hot bathroom shower. To mention some:

The warm water relaxes the strained muscles and provides relief instantly.
If the temperature of the water is between 37° to 45°, plan your bath just before sleep. This will encourage a wondrous sleep as your body gets completely calm and peaceful.
There are only a few impediments including the dry scalp and dry skin. Also, if you take a bath for more than half an hour, your skin gets wrinkled too. So try not to be in there for more than 30 minutes.

Cold Bathroom Shower is tough to take in winters but some people are crazy for it in that season too. Not their fault, Oyster Bath can make anyone fall in love with cold baths too. The concise panel and blue LED lighting on the ceilings compliments the bathing environment so much. If you carry some essential bathing oils, it blends well with relaxed bathing. Oyster Bath gives you a Multi-flow system that facilitates your bath. There are multiple known windfalls of a cold shower, get familiar with Oyster Bath.

- A cold bathroom shower is beneficial to itchy skin. It doesn't dry your skin even more like a hot shower does and calms you.
- Everyone goes through a lazy morning, to get free from that, a cold Bathroom Shower is the best choice. It appears as a shock and wakes you up.
- This gentle shock on your skin increases your heart rate and there is an instant increase in blood circulation.
- Muscle soreness that is troubling you, gets away when you take a cold shower.
- It might sound weird but yes a cold shower supports losing weight. The brown fat gets burned up to provide heat and the fat gets decreased.
- Unlike hot water, Coldwater blocks up the hair cuticles and reduces hair fall and dryness of the scalp.
The drawbacks must count that it decreases the body temperature leading to a fall in blood pressure. It causes cold in winters.

Whatever bathroom shower you choose, there are multiple benefits to them but the luxury of it will only stand along if you select Oyster Bath for your Bathrooms. The slim panels and wall-mounted designs are best to conquer your psyches. Define your infrastructure with Oyster Bath and take the experience of phenomenal bathing.

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