How to reduce stress in bathtub


Wellness does not have to be an expensive affair with the need to visit spas and wellness studios. You can easily and comfortably get rid of stress, worries and muscle tension at home in your bathroom. However, a home bath works best.

- Relaxing baths are best before bed
If you prepare a pleasantly warm bath just before falling asleep, you will be pleasantly relaxed and you will sleep better. The warmer the water, the better the sleep, ideally between 37 and 43 ° C.

- Quick Shower
If you do not want to soak in your own dirt, treat yourself to a short quick Bathroom Shower before bathing. It is more hygienic and you will feel better.

- Lighted candles and pleasant music
Although it may seem like a trifle, a relaxing bath will tune it to true perfection. Before your bath fills up, light your favorite candle, prepare a playlist and slow down.

- Bath max for half an hour
The more time you spend in the luxury bathtub, the more dehydrated your skin will be. Paradoxically, a bath that is about 15 to 30 minutes long is ideal so that you do not feel paradoxically dry after the bath.

- No phone
The relaxing bath does not include the conveniences of modern times, even if you want to watch a popular series. Turn off. Calm down.

- Jacuzzi Bathtub
Bubble baths and Jacuzzis are very popular. Boiling warm water relaxes muscles and stress miraculously escapes. Massage baths even help restore proper joint function and treat arthritis.

- Essential oils
The maximum effect of relaxing baths can be achieved by adding suitable essential oils and bath salts. Our Oyster team reduces the use of lemon balm oil to reduce stress.

We have been dealing with bathroom wellness products for many years, so our well-founded experts can also advise on the appropriate choice of steam and sauna for a home spa.

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