Installing and Maintaining your Bathtubs


Thinking of remodeling your bathroom? Choosing the right bathtub can take you a long way. Depending on whether you are installing a new bathtub or replacing the old one, there are a lot of things that you must consider.

There are many options like the fiberglass bathtub, porcelain, cast iron, etc. You may choose the one according to your requirements. Nowadays, fiberglass bathtub is trending among bathtubs dealer. They are less expensive than other bathtub types. They are light and easy to maintain as well. On the other hand, the cast iron bathtub is heavy and expensive. They are a little difficult to maintain and they cannot be turned into a whirlpool.

The pricing is different for each bathtub. According to the bathtub dealers in Delhi, the pricing depends on the model you are opting for along with the size of the bathtub.

Factors to consider while getting a bathtub installed

- No matter whichever bathtub you choose, there are a lot of things that you must consider before installing the bathroom tub faucets. The sizing, space limitations, materials used to install, etc. must be considered.

- Be sure to check the doorway openings so that you can easily move the bathtub.

- Porcelain bathtubs are really heavy and difficult to install while the fiberglass bathtub can be lifted over the fixtures and requires less workforce during the installation.

- An important Bathroom Fittings factor that you must consider while installing a bathtub is the wiring and pipework. If you opt for a whirlpool bathtub or any other, that involves wiring, then make sure that a professional does the wiring work. The bathtub dealers in Delhi make sure that they provide professional assistance in installing.

- The care and cleaning of the bathtub are really important to maintain it and increase its lifespan. Bathtubs should be treated with special care. Use mild soap or bathtub wash to clean it gently. Avoid using any material that will cause scratches or tamper the product. Bathtubs dealers recommend that you get the product professionally cleaned once in a while.

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