Luxurious bathing tub options by Oyster Bath for your perfect bathroom


Bathtubs are what can make a bathroom look luxurious. Isn’t it? These are like stunning centerpieces that enhance the entire look of the bathroom if chosen with a correct design according to the available space. After all, your choice reflects your style and personality! Make the best choices of luxurious bathing tubs with Oyster bath and cushion yourself with a sense of luxury and opulence.

With a wide range of stylish and affluent designs of bathtubs, Oyster bath is a highly trusted bathtub manufacturer to provide bathtubs in India. With each option different from the other, you certainly have some good choices to make with Oyster Bath. Here are some of the top-selling models of the bathtub by Oyster bath:

1. Freestanding bathtub - Olmec
2. Functionally Appealing Allegra Replace with Frontal
3. The inspired artistry of Banella bathtub
4. Arika, filled with the burst of invigoration
5. The obsessively designed Christiano
6. Vigour the beautiful poetic symmetry
7. The graceful and bewitching Nixie

Choose from any of these exclusively designed bathtubs by Oyster bath and raise the style quotient of your bathroom. However, there are certain factors that need to be taken care of while making a choice for the suitable bathtubs for your bathroom:

1. Weight is a substantial issue while choosing a bathtub.
2. Acrylic tubs make for a good choice as they are susceptible to stains and scratches. On the other hand, brass and copper tubs are confined to shapes and sizes.
3. Another important factor while choosing out on bathing tubs should be the materials they are made from. Some materials such as enameled steel are limited in color choice so if you are looking to get a certain palette then must check to see the availability of the shade you want.
4. Choosing a correct design makes much of a difference. Space is the biggest factor while you pick a bathtub. Bigger the washroom, the more options you have in terms of choosing the size and shape of your luxury bathtubs.

Your personal haven of relaxation can be accomplished with just a little planning and knowing what can best suit your needs. Right?

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