Make The Most of A Small Bathroom


Bathrooms are everyone’s personal space, whether it is for a quick morning shower or a long soaking bath after a hectic day. A bathroom with sprawling space is something we all desire and wish for, but in today’s world with space constraints, we need to utilize the area. There are so many ways a bathroom can be furnished so that it gives you the optimum usage of the square foot area.

Here are some tricks and tips to make most of the small bathroom, and make it your own space for repose.

1. Use Light colors
Pastel is the most highlighted shade these days; people are vying to go from puce to pink. Using light colors adds more space and provides scope to use dark colors for accessories.

2. Glass panels instead of shower curtains
Curtains make the room look smaller. The glass panels, on the other hand, give the sense of privacy you want along with the illusion of added space. It also makes your bathroom look modern and sleek. Adding tub instead of showers in the bathing area also brings glam to your bathroom. You can go for a few options with the leading Oyster bathtub dealers in Delhi for the makeovers.

3. Look up for height and depth for extra space
There is some hidden space beneath your sink that you should take advantage of. Also, put shelves higher up for more space. Inverted brackets are good for putting towels, and other linens. You can have cupboards as a mirror over your sink, which also gives you more space for storage.

4. Smaller bathroom accessories
A smaller sink or even a smaller bathtub works for your small spaced bathroom. You don’t need large sinks and tubs to feel pampered in your bathroom. Choose smaller fixtures, so that you save on space and also have more walking space. It may seem unproductive, but little breathing room doesn’t hurt anyone.

5. Mirrors
As already discussed you can use a mirror-cupboard over your sink. More glass and reflective surfaces can be added to make the bathroom looks more open and roomy. Using mirrors as decorative pieces help with the same.

6. Floor area
There is a laundry hamper, trash cans, etc. that need to be kept in the bathroom. But making space for them in different parts of the house would give you more space to roam in your bathroom and add to the floor area.

There are more ways to which you can add that oomph factor to your small bathroom, and you don’t have to spend hefty sums for it. You can rely on Oyster bathtub dealers that create a perfect space for rejuvenation. With a strong tie-up and professional interior design experts, we ensure to offer a fine collection of concepts, advices and best-designed embellishments for everyone to offer an ultimate bathing experience.

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