Oyster Bath Tubs – The Symbol of Health Wellness


With the evolution of science and technology our day to day life has become more smooth and comfortable. Researchers and technicians are working day and night long to enhance our lifestyle more and more. From the stone age to this era everything is changed. Today the world has become digitized, almost everything is controlled digitally, man power has been reduced and we have become more dependent on machinery.


With this evolution, our bathing style has also evolved to a great extend. Those days has gone, when the idea of fetching a pail of water for your bathing rituals was the only best option that a man could afford. Today, there are simply so many interesting options to choose from. You can have your own swimming pool, spa, shower columns at your home.


After a busy schedule day, we look around for a place where we can relax, chill and let our stress flow out of our bodies. And a bathtub completely fulfills our desire. Oyster Bath offers you bathtubs inbuilt with features like air jets, thermostatic diverter, hydro massage jets, hand showers etc. Our bath tubs are specially design to provide you a relaxing experience with the combination of almost all wellness therapies like Hydro Therapy, Air Massage, Aroma Therapy, Chromo Therapy etc. It relaxes your muscles, gives you a mental peace, reduces your stress, improves your blood circulation etc. Here at Oyster, you will find an impressive collection of your bathtubs, may it be the roman era or the vintage styles. Our bathtubs are made from best quality materials.

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